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NXT 04/04/18: Intentions made

On this week’s NXT, inaugural Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane went toe to toe with relative newcomer Vanessa Borne.

Vanessa Borne put up a good fight against Sane. Ultimately, however, Kairi Sane was able to put Vanessa away with her signature In-Sane Elbow drop from the top rope.

Following the one on one match between Sane and Borne, Lacey Evans was interviewed backstage. Lacey Evans would go and insult numerous members of the NXT Women’s division, including Nikki Cross, Ember Moon, and Dakota Kai. Evans ended the interview by stating that she intends on facing Kairi Sane soon, hoping to not “lose her manners.”

Following the interview with Lacey, it was announced that on next week’s program, Kairi and Lacey will do battle.

In our final women’s segment of the evening, Ember Moon addressed the altercation herself and Shayna Baszler got into last week at the Performance Center. Ember stated that she did not regret getting into that fight with Shayna. More so, Ember promised to end her feud with Baszler once and for all at TakeOver: New Orleans.

Thoughts: It’s nice seeing Kairi Sane back in action. Sane and Vanessa Borne both haven’t been featured on NXT television in over a month. This win seemed like a nice way to get Kairi back into the picture for the NXT women’s division. She is absolutely a worthy contender for whoever wins this Saturday. As for Vanessa Borne, she impressed me in this outing. I hope that she is given more time and more matches to improve, as the women’s division needs as many strong competitors possible.

I like the idea that there’s a separate feud in the women’s division with Lacey Evans. My only complaint is that no one feud has ever been given enough depth. Her programs with Nikki Cross and Dakota Kai have only led to one-offs. If the program between Evans and Cross and/or Kai was more fully fleshed out, then I would be more inclined to get behind the second story within the women’s division. At the time being, the story that’s trying to be portrayed through Evan’s character is not coming across as effective as it could be.

Unfortunately, there also was not a lot of build up for the title match this Saturday. Like I said last week, at times a little build up is better than none. Personally, if they wanted to go with a shorter segment, I think a brawl between Moon and Baszler would have been better. I know they’ve gotten into two fights already leading up to the event. But I feel like the more we see Ember and Shayna being torn apart by officials and wrestlers, it becomes more and more believable that there is a deep hatred between the two competitors.

I usually don’t like being this negative so I do apologize. It is great that tonight’s episode had three women’s segments. There is so much potential within the NXT women’s division. While I don’t believe that potential has been nearly exploited as much as it should be, I am hoping that changes soon.

Furthermore, I hope that Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler kill it this Saturday at TakeOver: New Orleans. The last match was mostly about Baszler attacking Ember’s arm. I can see a similar scenario happening this Saturday as well. But it would be nice if a different kind of fight went down. Whatever kind of match happens, I hope the girls put on a fantastic showing.

What did you think of Kairi and Borne’s match? Do you think Lacey Evans will be able to step up to Sane? Are you looking forward to this Saturday? Let us know in the comments below!

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