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NXT Locker Room Puts Roxanne Perez On Notice! Wendy Choo Wakes Up

Welcome back to another edition of NXT!! We’re stacked the first hour of the show and we’re getting right into because the show opens up with the inaugural NXT Women’s North American Champion…

Kelani Jordan!!!

It’s a heartfelt moment for Kelani, she was definitely a longshot heading into the ladder match from Battleground but gold looks good on her as Jordan delivers a heartfelt promo. Before Kelani can bask in the adoration of the NXT audience for long, Jaida Parker interrupts and let’s Jordan know she’ll be taking that NA Title from her. Michin interrupts Jaida with an attack from behind and we go right into our first match!

Michin vs Jaida Parker
It’s one baddie against another in this bout, Jaida’s usual trash talking is shut down here by the HBIC herself – physical bout right out the gate which is fitting for these two characters, loving this new gear Michin is wearing btw. Jaida’s temper escalates further and further the more she gets frustrated throughout the match. Parker goes under the ring for a steel chair but the rest of the OC is there to have Michin’s back, Michin scores a sneak roll up victory.
Winner: Mia Yim

Wendy Choo vs Brinley Reece
So great having Wendy back but she’s ditched the stanley cup and body pillow, instead it seems like this version of Choo woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Major shoutout to the glam team that did Wendy’s makeup, looked incredible. This match was a showcase for Wendy’s new character evolution. I’m really interested to see how far they’ll push the Mei Ying backstory here. Really engaging watch, we only got a glimpse but definitely left me wanting more. Good job to Brinley too who played the face in peril so well. There was a moment in the match where you could tell Reece realized she was in over her head. Choo taps out Reece with the cobra clutch for the victory.
Winner: Wendy Choo

Backstage segment with Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx, we don’t get much until Cody Rhodes is seen walking up to Jacy offering her his clear “Dashing” Cody Rhodes face mask to Jayne. I’ll happily take this Cody rub for Jacy!

After Michin’s victory earlier in the night, she’s going to be Kelani’s first challenger for the Women’s NA Title!

Quick backstage segment with Stevie Turner predicting Roxanne would call out General Manager Ava in the Main Event!

Stevie’s prophecy comes to fruition almost instantaneously, as the NXT Women’s Champion is out in our main event segment to boast about retaining her championing against TNA Knockout’s Champion Jordynne Grace at Battleground. Roxanne has every reason to boast, as she performed excellent this past Sunday.

She calls out General Manager Ava who obliges the champ’s request, Ava’s GM presence improves every week. From here we see that there is no shortage of challengers in the NXT locker room for Roxanne’s title. Jacy & Jazmyn make their presence known first, with Jayne sporting her new “Dashing” face mask. Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson are out next getting their licks in. Segment culminates with Lola Vice stepping to the champ and admittedly, out of all the interruptions, Vice has the strongest argument as to why she should be the next challenger.

I’m surprised they chose this segment to close the show as there was no big swerve or cliffhanger, nor any continuity with Tatum Paxley but a solid NXT overall. I won’t be here for Raw next Monday but there should be some Clash of the Castle predictions coming up and hope to see some of you in the live chat for the PLE on Saturday!

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