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NXT Redux (June 26th, 2014): Becky Lynch Shocks Summer

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! Lucky us, we get a DEBUT tonight as Becky Lynch scraps with one third of the devilishly dysfunctional BFFs, Summer Rae. Will Becky have the luck of the Irish on her side? Let’s find out!



Summer Rae, Sasha Banks and the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte make their way to the ring first, and well, they look a little more cohesive than they have in recent times. Disinterested in each other, yet more together nonetheless.

Summer’s opponent is the happy-go-lucky Becky Lynch. I actually kind of like her theme song and she herself looks fantastic yet the attire? Holy cow. Ditch the pants! Are they flares? Either way, they look she’s wearing the dead bodies of two snakes. My guess is they weren’t Sandra specials and if they were, Sandra must have knocked a few glasses of sherry back that day!

The bout begins with Becky dodging a clothesline before doing a little Irish jig. Way to be cliched WWE! She’s not exactly Michael Flatley, yet it doesn’t bother me too much – it’s pretty fun. Summer proceeds to show of her dancing prowess before Becky jigs a little more, this time whilst singing some kind of weird tune. Summer is clearly not a fan and she decks Becky with a clothesline.

Summer stomps away at Becky whilst scowling someone just too a dump on her food! Summer goes for a cover yet Becky fantastically rises out of it, jumps over Summer and nails a series of armdrags. Cue more Colin Farrell, Finlay and Sheamus references and the crowd are firmly behind Becky! Summer fights back against a fired up fan fave Becky and wallops her with a massive spin kick.

Following a near fall, Summer locks in a nice cobra clutch. Summer breaks the hold after Sasha and Charlotte either have some beef with each other or the crowd, it’s hard to tell. Summer yells “THIS IS MY MATCH” clearly annoyed that her thunder may be getting stolen. Sadly, she should be concentrating on her opponent who is far from a rookie with 12 years experience! Becky rolls Summer up… and gets the nearest of near falls. Now I’m really into this one!

Becky rebounds with a clothesline, harsh European uppercut and a dropkick before hitting a rough-around-the-edges flip kip up. I’m not judging as it’s way better than I could have done. Becky hits three leg drops (with a little jigging in the middle) and she nets a two count.

Summer tries to grab for her BFFs and get out of this thing yet they are far from interested and Becky pulls the Total Diva back into the ring. Summer briefly fights back with a kick yet when she goes for another one, Becky grabs her leg and hits a mahoosive T-Bone Suplex for the 1-2-3! Summer just got pinned clean!

Thoughts: This was a really nice match. Becky looked fantastic in her debut. Some minor hiccups yet they really are too minor to make note of. Her movements in the ring were ultra crisp at times and you can clearly see that Becky is a woman who knows her way around a ring. Get your minds out of the gutter any of you dirty minded readers! Other than her trousers and the OTT acknowledgement that she’s Irish, I absolutely loved her. The fact the crowd were behind her too is a good sign.

The BFF tension continued to brew and I like how this week, it was still at the forefront, yet didn’t really play into the match at all. Summer lost because it was her fault. Becky was the better competitor who had her head in the game and Summer simply was too busy worrying about what Sasha and Charlotte thought. Becky looked strong in her debut and this debut was definitely better than Alexa‘s for me. Very excited to see Becky in the future. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for her next appearance!

Also, props to Renee Young. That woman can commentate!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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