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NXT Redux (March 27th, 2014): Generational Girls Generate Great Grappling

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. Charlotte tackles a big roadblock this week on her path to prove her status as number one contender to Paige‘s NXT Women’s Championship as she faces Total Divas cast member and former WWE Divas Champion Natalya. The champ has managed to beat Nattie in the past, so can ‘The Flair’ do what the champion has done or will Natalya prove that Charlotte has a lot more work to do yet? It’s a second generation up-and-comer facing a third generation veteran and I can barely contain my excitement!


Out first this week is one third of the BFFs, Charlotte and she’s accompanied by another third of the dastardly stable, Miss Sasha Banks. Charlotte front walkovers her way to the ring (I think that’s the correct gymnastics term!) and she’s looking determined tonight.

After Charlotte struts her way to the ring, (and not like she’s pooed herself like her first week as a heel), we see Renee Young has joined the commentary team. Just like Charlotte’s improved walk, Renee is so natural as a commentator and I still find it highly annoying that she only commentates one match per week on NXT. The fact she only used to come out for Divas matches was sexist in itself and the fact she now only does one match a week is better, yet still pretty sexist. Let her shine for the whole hour!

Out next is Natalya, joined by the one and only, Bret “The Hitman” Hart! His presence is a little random but hey, I’ll take it. It immediately makes this match seem more important.

Charlotte starts the match by pushing Natalya in the face before the pair chain wrestle. Headlocks and headscissors ensue before Natalya tries something different, latching herself around Charlotte’s waist. Charlotte reverses and applies the exact same move, yet Nattie elbows free and hits a fireman’s carry takeover. Working over the arm over, Charlotte reverses the Dungeon Diva’s hold, choking her with another headscissors. Natalya nips up to get out of it yet Charlotte shuts her back down with a knee to her not-so-reliable bladder region before wrenching Nattie with a wristlock. Natalya flips her way out of that hold as well before slapping some sense into Charlotte, snapmaring her and then hitting her with a basement dropkick.

In the words of Renee Young, “DANG!” LOL.

Following a shot of Bret Hart looking like a statue, Natalya sits on Charlotte nonchalantly and gets a two count. Tal clubs her before whipping her into the corner. Charlotte is in total control of the Irish whip situation, as she practically does a handstand on the ropes and although she had control of that, she doesn’t have control of the situation that followed, which sees her get the stuffing knocked out of her by Natalya’s ‘Nattie-by-nature’ clothesline. Natalya then is pushed into the corner by Charlotte before the ‘Dirtiest Diva in the Game’ goes to work on her opponents leg. Cue a momentum shift.

Some more damage to Natalya’s leg accomplished, Charlotte tries to take a page out of her Dad’s book and hit the figure-four leg lock! Natalya counters it into a small package though. Problem averted… for now. The problems mount up again for Nattie, who is bulldozed to the ground after Charlotte delivers a strong clothesline. The BFF member works over Natalya’s leg some more until Natalya bashes her leg into Charlotte’s face. Charlotte gets back on top though, hitting a dragon screw leg whip on Nattie. She tries to hit the figure four again yet Natalya forces her away. Charlotte rebounds with a kick into Nat’s chest. She then stomps on Natalya’s gut. She tries the same move again yet Natalya trips Charlotte up and out of nowhere, she has the Sharpshooter locked in!

Too bad Sasha Banks ruins it all and attacks Natalya! Nattie picks up the DQ win yet gets a little bit of retribution by crippling Sasha with the Sharpshooter. The BFFs bail and Natalya celebrates with Uncle Bret.

Thoughts: A decent teaser between these two, I’m definitely wanting to see more! My only problem with this was how it did absolutely NOTHING for the NXT girls. Charlotte dominated, only to look like she was about to lose at the last second. Although that could be viewed as Natalya is able to pull a win out of nowhere and is a deadly threat, it could also make Charlotte just look like someone who can quickly throw all momentum away in a heartbeat. Then after the match, Sasha got womanhandled and once again, looked like as much of a threat as a cardboard cut-out. Heck, I even think Summer Rae‘s cut-out head is a more formidable foe than Sasha now due to the booking of her constantly losing.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m all for main roster talent coming to NXT and the match itself was a fine example of why in the most part. The girls performed solidly yet didn’t give too much of what could be away. What I don’t like is when the main roster girl is the primary focus. If a main roster Diva comes down, she should look as good as the NXT girl or put the developmental girl over. This match and segment was just too Natalya positive for me and I don’t think the BFFs got anywhere near enough of a rub as they should have. This match should have spotlighted Charlotte as a major threat to Paige, yet instead, it made her and her faction look weak. Womp Womp. We can’t have it all!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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