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NXT Redux (November 30th, 2010): NXT’s Cinderella Story; Kaitlyn Wins Season Three

For the past thirteen weeks we have laughed, cried, cheered, and booed the six rookie Divas who made up season three of NXT. Jamie Keyes, Maxine, Aksana, AJ, Naomi, and Kaitlyn all started with a dream. For some of them, it was a life long dream to be a WWE Diva. For others, it was an opportunity to entertain millions of people in a capacity that they probably never thought would be possible. It was a season of highs and lows, to say the least, and tonight it all culminated with an unlikely winner that yours truly predicted after the very first episode aired.

The show kicked off tonight in atypical fashion. Instead of Blue Eyes in the ring, we were treated to the unfortunate site of Michael Cole. He was somber about what happened on Raw and explained to everyone that he planned on speaking to Jerry Lawler in private about what went down between the two the previous night. Like we really care. Josh Matthews started to speak next. He sent us to Matt Striker (thank God). Striker was in the ring and introduced us to Vickie Guerrero. Vickie screeched her catchphrase “excuse me” as she walked onto the stage. She said that Kaitlyn should thank God that Vickie was her pro because without Vickie, no one would even know Kaitlyn’s name. Kaitlyn walked out, and pro and rookie made their way to the ring. Naomi followed them out and once everyone was settled into the ring, Striker spoke again. He told both girls that after thirteen weeks one of them would have their dream come true. He turned to Naomi and told her that Kelly Kelly taped a message for her. Kelly said that she was on her way overseas to entertain the troops with Eve and the Big Show, and that’s the only reason why she wasn’t there tonight. She sang Naomi’s praises and told her that she was the best rookie anyone could have asked for.

Striker went to Naomi once the video had finished. Naomi responded to Kelly’s video by saying that basically Kelly had given her anything and she was thankful to have her has her pro. She also said that she was really sad Kelly couldn’t be around tonight. Striker turn to Kaitlyn and Vickie, and right as Kaitlyn went to speak Vickie interrupted her. Vickie reminded us that before the season even began she fired Aloisia and basically handpicked Kaitlyn to be her rookie on season three. She regrets that now because Kaitlyn tried to steal Vickie’s boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. The two started to argue over the Intercontinental Champion once again until finally Kaitlyn decided that Vickie wasn’t going to ruin her night. She admitted that she was grateful to have Vickie as a pro and that Vickie seemed to be grateful that she had that second helping of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. A disgusted Vickie went to walk off but Kaitlyn shoved her down to the mat. Vickie proceeded to have a mental breakdown, and it was hilarious.

It was announced that Kaitlyn and Naomi would face off in the ring tonight but before that, the first rookie/pro pairing of season four was revealed. The nommy Johnny Curtis (who is more than worthy of my affections) is set to be mentored by…. R-Truth. How disgusting.

The first match of the evening was a Six Diva Tag Team Match featuring some rookies and pros. The team of AJ, Brie Bella, and Nikki Bella took on the team of Alicia Fox, Maxine, and Aksana. The Bellas and AJ came to the ring first. Nikki looked so annoyed and heelish. Reckon she wasn’t to thrilled about team with AJ? The girls got in the ring and AJ shared a good luck hug with Brie. Gag. The heels came out on stage second, and Aksana had a delicious little stare down with Goldust. When the match started, it was Aksana and Nikki kicking things off. Nikki punched her opponent and threw her into the ropes, which was followed up with a kick to the gut and an arm drag. Nikki was being super aggressive and Aksana could do little to fight back, but she tried. Nikki brought Aksana towards her corner and was going to make a tag to Brie, but AJ actually tagged in. Nikki wasn’t to thrilled about that. AJ took charge against Aksana, and eventually went to make the tag to Nikki and bring her back in the match. Nikki dropped down off the apron onto the floor much to the surprise of her teammates. Nikki’s reluctance to get back into the match allowed Aksana to recover and make the tag to Alicia.  Alicia snapmared AJ to the mat and tossed her around by the hair. She began working over AJ’s arm and shoulder, and she suplexed the smaller woman down. She went for a bridge/pin combination but AJ was able to get her shoulder up. Alicia continued to apply pressure on that arm and made the tag to Maxine. Maxine picked up right where her pro had left off; working over AJ’s arm. She tossed the Jersey girl into the corner and drove her shoulder into AJ’s stomach. Maxine went to do it again, but AJ was able to move and make the tag to Brie. Brie came into the match and started beating Maxine down. She hit the Bella finisher on Maxine and went for the cover, but Aksana came in to make the save. That brought in Nikki and the match completely broke down. Maxine eventually drove Brie into the corner, but that allowed AJ to make the tag. She jumped off the top rope, pinned Maxine, and picked up a huge victory.

Primo Colon, AJ’s pro, ran down to the ring to celebrate with her. He took her by the arm and after a few moments, he kissed her! They kissed! Ohmygod so cute. Love it.

Two more season four pairings were announced. Rookie Byron Saxton will be mentored by Chris Masters (it’s okay to die laughing, I did). And rookie beast Brodus Clay will be mentored by Ted DiBiase and Maryse.

A Diva Face-Off is announced next and when it was time, Striker and the girls were in the ring. Striker explained that this face-off was going to be a one-on-one confrontation and Kaitlyn was up first. She said that Naomi is superb in the ring and the most athletic girl she has ever met. Kaitlyn talked about herself and how basically this opportunity fell into her lap and that her first ever wrestling match was on NXT. Kaitlyn said that throughout the competition she has shined with her personality and that Naomi has flat-lined. She said that in time, she will be just as good as Naomi in the ring and that’s where Naomi will always come up short; you can’t teach personality.

Naomi replied that the time to be a diva is now and that she is completely ready now. She doesn’t want to talk trash, but she does want to thank the fans. This has been the best time of her life and she’s had a lot of fun. Naomi admits that never thought she would be entertaining people in this capacity but being a wrestler is what she wants and she’s glad she’s here. She said that she understand why people would have a hard time picking between herself and Kaitlyn, as both bring different things to the table. Striker announced that the Naomi versus Kaitlyn match was next.

The match began with shenanigans from Kaitlyn which Naomi ended up mocking. That allowed Kaitlyn to go for the quick roll-up victory. Naomi was able to kick out and she got set for the match. Kaitlyn executed an airplane spin toss on Naomi which did nothing but make her dizzy, and Naomi was able to drop toe hold her down onto the ropes. She followed it up with a whip into the ropes and a butt bump down to the mat. Naomi went for a cover but only got a two count. Kaitlyn rebounded from the near fall with a vicious takedown and her own cover. Naomi kicked out as well. Kaitlyn stayed on offense and no, it wasn’t exactly pretty. Naomi took a bad bump but was able to shake off the effects of it, and Kaitlyn locked her legs around Naomi’s mid-section. Naomi fought out of the hold with several elbows to Kaitlyn’s face. They got back to their feet and Naomi tried to toss Kaitlyn across the ring. Kaitlyn was able to just send Naomi to the outside and the camera man switched shots to a view of Alicia looking up at the ceiling. How brilliant is that? Kaitlyn got Naomi back in the ring and went for that leglock submission again. Naomi was able to break it and she began to tear Kaitlyn up. Finally Naomi went for a cover but it was pretty sloppy. Kaitlyn’s shoulder was up and the aforementioned Texan came back with a slam. She scaled the ropes (dear God this could be LVE bad) and flew off, but Naomi got her foot up. Kaitlyn was busted in the face. Cue Alicia Fox on stage laughing. The two rookies got each other in a small package and after what literally looked like a six count, Kaitlyn was somehow declared the winner.


After that debacle, Vickie decided to speak again. She told the world that no one cared about Kaitlyn’s victory over Naomi and she wanted to introduce someone. That person was going to be a pro for season four, and that person also happened to be her beloved boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. Dolph walked out looking hot as usual and he thanked Vickie for her kind intro, as well as her skills as a WWE pro. Dolph introduced his rookie, a thing named Jacob Novak. Can we say creeper alert?

Striker told the pros to huddle up and vote, the next break-out Diva will be announced next.

But in typical WWE fashion, the next break-out Diva wasn’t announced next. We had to suffer through a Raw Rebound and more season four talk. Daniel Bryan is going to be a mentor for the fourth season and his rookie is Derrick Bateman. In one promo, Bateman managed to take the creeper award from Heath Slater AND Jacob Novak. Skeeze.

Back to the show and back to Striker. He introduced the four eliminated girls, including Jamie Keyes. He asked each of them who should win season three. Jamie picked Naomi because she brings more to the table than Kaitlyn. AJ selected Kaitlyn because they’re best friends forever. Maxine said one hundred percent Naomi should win. As far as Aksana, well Aksana flirted with Striker, snapped at Goldust, and picked herself to win. I love her.

Season three truly is coming to a close and with that in mind, the final rookie/pro pairing for season four is announced. Alberto del Rio will be mentoring Conor O’Brian. Hell yes. Conor O’Brian for season four winner plz!

But for the season three winner… well that was next. Striker didn’t BS around. He got on with and after several excrutiating seconds of watching Naomi’s and Kaitlyn’s photos flash on the screen, the winner came up.


The reactions were interesting and Striker turned to Naomi. Naomi congratulated Kaitlyn and said that it was a bittersweet moment for her. She said that everyone worked hard. Awwww. Kaitlyn took the microphone next and said that this unexpected opportunity kind of fell into her lap and wants to thank everyone who actually supported her. She wants everyone to support her for who she is and who she will become. The pros, minus Vickie, climbed into the ring to congratulate Kaitlyn, as did her rookie opponents. AJ lept into Kaitlyn’s arms and the two best friends shared a sweet moment. Season three faded to a close and the scene went to black.

It’s truly over.

I’m not surprised at the outcome, nor am I angry. There’s no reason to be angry because we can only control ourselves and who we vote for. I don’t see the point in dissecting the outcome of NXT. Instead, I will congratulate Kaitlyn and say that out of everyone she honestly impressed me the most. I knew what to expect from AJ and Naomi coming into this. Most of the main roster Divas can’t touch them as far as ring skills are concerned. I knew how hilarious Aksana was because of the Aksana Show.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bo Rotunnnnnnnndo…”

That line will forever live on in many of our minds even after Aksana is done with the business.

I will say that I knew very little of Maxine and I’m grateful that NXT introduced me to her. She’s an epic female heel in the making.

And now back to Kaitlyn, this is a girl none of us knew a thing about. She made her first television appearance with little experience and like she said, she had her first ever match on NXT television. I say kudos to her for not caring how she came off on TV and just going out there and being herself. She had this thrown at her, remember. The WWE made the call to give Kaitlyn this chance. Kaitlyn didn’t give it to herself. She made the most of it, got a hot storyline, and I personally look forward to seeing how she progresses as a WWE Diva.

As far as this episode goes, it is what it is. Kaitlyn isn’t a wrestler as of yet, and who knows? She may never be. But the fact remains, Kaitlyn is our new Diva and that puts a close on season three. Whether or not, season four gets covered on Diva-Dirt remains to be seen so this may be the last ever NXT Redux. It’s certainly been a wild ride. This is by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever written on a consistent basis and I truly hope you’ve all enjoyed reading these. Until we meet again NXT friends… Cryssi out!

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