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NXT Redux (November 9th, 2016): There’s a moon over the horizon

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Welcome to this week’s NXT review everyone! Let’s dive into it to get our minds off this emotional week, shall we.

While the Aussie duo targets the rest of the division, Ember Moon is sharpening her skills. She takes on Rachael Evers, formerly known as Rachael Ellering, on this episode of NXT.

The crowd enthusiastically welcomes Ember back as commentary puts her over. Since Brooklyn Ember has been on fire Tom Phillips says. Corey Graves harps on her abilities and says she is the one to look out for.

Both women tie up. Rachael gets some offense in before Ember mat wrestles her and puts her down with a low head scissor. Rachael then eats a back elbow. Ember goes for a big cross body but Rachael moves out of the way. A gutwrench suplex by Rachael grounds Ember long enough for Rachael to take control with a rest hold. Ember powers out but Rachael drives her down to the mat.

Rachael taunts her but Ember isn’t having any of it as she barrels her with strikes and kicks. A back handspring elbow by Ember sets up Rachael for the flying cutter. Ember wins the bout.

Elsewhere on the show, Sanity faced TM-61. Nikki Cross continues to tussle with the men at ringside.

Thoughts: While it was a short match both women continued to build on good faith of the division. We’ve already seen Ember take on other enhancement talent and scuffle with Mandy Rose. She’s got the experience and intensity, it’s time for another meaningful feud for her. She’s our warrior and she needs to be battle tested.

We’re really all waiting for her to go up against Asuka and take that title, honestly. She’s a breath of fresh air but I’d like to see more character development for her. This is something all the women need right now.

Rachael hit her marks well here also. She was hard in her offense and played well opposite Ember in this match. I’m hoping she gets signed eventually. She would add more depth to the roster and her skills are already on par to tangle with any of the other homegrown talent.

Nikki’s role as a pit bull for Sanity amuses me. I’m a big fan of intergender wrestling and this is something NXT sometimes plays with. I’d like to see more men and women interacting this way to develop more long term stories. Her role in the women’s division still remains curious and is something that needs more development.

I’m eager for her to go up against the rest of the division with this “take no prisoners” ruthless aggression. How would the rest of the women react? Does she stand a chance at getting a title shot? What kind of champion would she make? It’d be riveting to see, I think. The stories they could tell.

Speaking of stories, we need more of them. I know they’ve been working on the Dusty Tag Team Classic but, it’s no excuse not to have any other backstage segment or video vignette setting up what’s to come. It would take, what, like 5 minutes?

Asuka is busy with the prospect of facing Mickie James but what are the other women up to? It’s time we get some more, it’s overdue.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Are you excited for TakeOver next week? Sound off in the comments below.

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