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NXT Worlds Collide Preview And Predictions: 09.04.22

NXT has brought back Worlds Collide to once again have the NXT talent go against the NXT UK talent. This time though, this marks a hiatus for NXT UK as NXT Europe is gearing up to launch in 2023. As a result, we will see a unification match for the women’s titles from both brands. There will be a total of two women’s matches but let’s first talk about the tag team division. The show starts on Sept. 4 at 4 PM ET.

The NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance & Kayden Carter will be defending their gold for the first time since winning the belts at Heatwave. They took the belts off of Toxic Attraction in a Fatal Four-way Elimination Match to win a championship for the first time in both of their careers.

With NXT UK not having tag team titles to unify, the Scottish team from Raw made a shocking appearance and challenged for the titles. Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H arrived on the most recent NXT 2.0 episode and the match was set.

Predictions –

Nick: What a fun match this has the potential to be. I was pleasantly surprised to see Nikki and Doudrop show up for the challenge. It is far, far, far too early for Kayden and Katana to drop the titles but at the same time, I do want Nikki/Doudrop to start getting some wins. I am going to give it to the current champs. Winners: Chance & Carter

Colby: Both of WWE’s women’s tag team divisions are going through a rebuilding phase. Despite that, WWE has set up a rather exciting tag team match on paper. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance will have their first major defense against not only a tag team from Raw but representatives of Scotland in Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. It’s hard to imagine Carter and Chance losing the titles already after years of working for this run, however, I wouldn’t be mad about a shock victory from the former NXT’ers. I’m going to be wise here and guess that the veterans are coming in to put over the future. Winners: Chance & Carter

Gary: I don’t think Team KC will lose the titles already (stranger things have happened though) I am just excited to see Doudrop and Nikki get a chance to wrestle a hopefully lengthy competitive match. The return to NXT and the reaction was brilliant and I would not hate a face turn for the duo. Winners: Team KC

Next we have the unification match. The NXT Women’s and NXT UK Women’s Title will become one in a Triple Threat. Both champions Mandy Rose and Meiko Satomura have had lengthy reigns thus far, but will one of them continue? The wildcard is Blair Davenport who has been chomping at the bit to get back to a title match ever since being injured in her last go around with Satomura. Davenport earned this number one contender spot after winning a Fatal Four-way on the last episode of NXT UK that was aired this week.

Predictions –

Nick: Every time I think about who will win this match I change my answer, and that makes it even more exciting. Unless Blair is there to take the pin, she is my pick to win this. Both Mandy and Meiko have had very lengthy reigns, and even though I think one of them should continue by unifying them, I think it may be time to move on to a new champion even though I would prefer it to be someone else. Both Mandy and Meiko can join the main roster. Winner: Blair Davenport

Colby: This is the epitome of a clash of styles. Blair Davenport was on her way to a UK title match as the unification storylines kicked off in the states. Meanwhile, Mandy and Meiko are both in the middle of lengthy title runs with what was thought to be no end in sight. Now, one of them must lose their gold. I’ll admit that I’ve come around on Mandy Rose. With that said, I think it’s time Toxic Attraction move on from NXT. Meiko is the veteran and hasn’t been beaten in over a year. I’m perfectly fine with that staying the same for now. I feel like I’m wrong already, but I’m sticking to it. Winner: Meiko Satomura

Gary: To me, this is the most unpredictable match. Blair Davenport is not established enough to lead the NXT division but they might just go for it. Mandy Rose does not need this win but Baszler’s comments to her keep repeating in my head ‘if you don’t win everything you’ve been saying will be a lie’. Then there is Meiko Satomura, a woman whose legacy will provide anyone that dethrones her a major push into the limelight. I find this one hard to call but I am going for Meiko Satomura gets the win by defeating Blair, Mandy gets protected, but Satomura will shortly drop the title to Sarray. Winner: Meiko Satomura

Check in with Diva Dirt for a Discussion Post during Worlds Collide to talk about these matches. Who do you got taking the wins?

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