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NY Post Reveals Why Stephanie McMahon Has Been Selling WWE Stock

It seems like every week for months now, we’ve heard about WWE Executive VP of Creative Stephanie McMahon selling off shares of WWE stock. The reason for her doing so was unknown – until now.

The New York Post has published an article looking into the matter, reporting that Stephanie has sold 833,000 shares over 43 separate transactions, netting her about $8.3 million.

The Post says these sales were made to fund the building of a house. Stephanie already owns properties in Westport, Connecticut and Manhattan.

Despite this sell-off, the McMahon family still has firm control over the WWE, as Vince McMahon owns 87 percent of the 10-votes-per-share B class stock.

So never fear, Stephanie fans: the Billion Dollar Princess has no plans to jump ship.

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