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OVW Spoilers: June 13th, 2013

Ohio Valley Wrestling filmed tonight’s episode last night in Louisville, Kentucky. Check out the spoilers below:

* Pre-show Dark Match: Lovely Lylah & Epiphany (w/Eddie Diamond, Bobbi Bardot, Cinnamon Twist, & Timmy Danger) vs. Hannah & Holly Blossom – Holly grabs Lylah to start and her & Hannah tag in and out working over her arm. They do a double arm yank, and Lylah tags out to Epiphany. Epiphany comes in and slams Hannah and delivers an elbow drop. Lylah is tagged back in and hits and slams Hannah. Epiphany comes back in and double clotheslines both Blossoms. She butt bumps Hannah in the corner, and then Lylah does the same. Epiphany goes for a big slam on Hannah, but Lylah tags herself in. Holly dropkicks Hannah on top of Epiphany. Lylah runs in from the tag, but is caught in a double Rock Blossom for the pin. WINNERS: BLOSSOMS by pinfall.

* Jessie Belle vs. Lei’d Tapa – Jessie Belle ducks a clothesline, but Tapa kicks her and throws her across the top rope. Tapa charges her in the corner, but runs into a back elbow. She goes back after her, but Jessie Belle jumps up to try for a hurricanrana. Tapa blocks it, and powerbombs her instead. She puts a foot across Jessie Belle’s chest, but she kicks out at 2. Tapa then hits her spinning diamond cutter finisher for 3. WINNER: TAPA by pinfall.

* NON-TITLE MATCH: Taeler Hendrix (w/Heidi Lovelace) vs. Trina (c) – Taeler offers a handshake, but Trina pulls her into a clothesline. After a few more clotheslines, she hits Taeler with a back elbow. She pulls her face first into the canvas. She locks in a full nelson and elbows Taeler across the back. She throws her in the corner and clotheslines her. She slams her down twice by her head. Taeler has a chain and goes to swing it at Trina but it goes flying as she turns into a clothesline. Taeler rolls out of the ring and uses Heidi as a shield. Trina pushes Heidi aside, allowing Taeler to hit Trina from behind and ram her into the ringpost. She rolls Trina in the ring and pins her with her feet on the ropes for the win. WINNER: TAELER by pinfall. (Source)

The show (#721) can be seen at later today.

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