Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Picture of the Day: All That SHIMMERs is Gold

On yesterday’s rousing Picture(s) of the Day, we focused on some of the stars of the SHIMMER weekend festivities, so in today’s, how about we take a gander at what the wrestlers are all there to fight for… title belts!

Included in the above snapshot are the SHIMMER Championship (held by Cheerleader Melissa), the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships (latched on the shoulders of Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa) and the JWP Openweight Championship (currently belonging to Kana).

SHIMMER posted the picture on their Twitter account, tweeting:

Considering every title belt shown looks like a million bucks, wouldn’t you want to hold one too? Really, all you’d have to do is defeat any of the women listed above. Easy, right?

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