Sunday, March 26, 2023

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Picture of the Day: Maxine Debuts a New Look

Anyone missing the days when Maxine ran rampant all over NXT Redemption with her vicious wrestling style and sharp skills on the microphone? We don’t blame you.

Today, we got a glimpse at one of the roles the Queen of Mean has been involved with since her departure from the company last year. If you at first saw the above picture and noticed she wasn’t as put together as she was as a Diva, well fear not. Maxine hasn’t suddenly developed a taste for cornrows and tattoos.

She posted the photo earlier today, tweeting:

We will always miss Maxine’s unique, ferocious presence in the WWE, but it’s great to see that she’s got a lot lined up for herself.

Plus, how many of us can say we’ve gotten to dress up as a heroin addict and look great at the same time? It’s true, no matter what she goes for in life, Maxine always ends up on top.

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