Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Pillow Fights, Bikinis & Lingerie “Are for Divas”

TNA continues to ride on WWE’s coattails, this time using the Knockouts. One of the signature pieces of TNA, if not the most thriving portion of the company, why stoop so low and lower yourselves to taking pot shots at the WWE Divas? That’s exactly what TNA does in it’s latest “Cross the Line” promo featuring the Knockouts:

During the pre-show portion of the Sacrfice pay-per-view this past Sunday, TNA ran a commercial promoting the girls of TNA. The commercial features voiceovers from a number of the Knockouts, and during the ad, one of them takes a veiled shot at “Divas,” presumably of the WWE variety. Here is a transcript of the Knockouts commercial: “We don’t settle grudges with pillow fights, bikini’s, and lingerie. Screw that. We’re not Barbies playing wrestling dress up – that’s for Divas. We’re real athletes, we take real risks. We embrace physicality – that’s where they draw the line. The line we cross every time we enter the six sided ring. Like what you see? Good.”

TNA has a great product with it’s Knockout division and in my eyes, the more they distance themselves from WWE, the better. I don’t like to compare Knockout division to WWE’s women’s division, because they are two very different things. The fact that TNA themselves feel the need to compare themselves to the Divas, shows their own pettiness. Most Diva fans love both the WWE Divas and the TNA Knockouts, you’re only alienating your fanbase. Yes, there is truth to the statements above but any fan over the age of 5 could point that out. TNA should concentrate on their own women’s division and not even acknowledge WWE’s, because the multitude of people – including all of you reading this, I’m sure – watch/pay attention to both the Knockouts and the Divas. Both brands should just do their own thing and get on with it.

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