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PPV Predictions: TNA Final Resolution 2010

The war wages on tonight as Mickie James and Tara battle once again tonight in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Who will have ‘Final Resolution’? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Cryssi: I’m pretty guilty of not keeping up with TNA. In fact, the first thing I’ve seen Knockout related in a few months was the awful Hardcore Country performance on Impact this past week. For that alone, Mickie James should never win another match in her career but sadly, things don’t work that way. I full expect Mickie to walk out of Final Resolution the victor tonight, going on to feud with the Knockouts Champion over the next month. By the time February rolls around, Mickie will be the champ and people will have forgotten that Sarita even exists.

Eric: Hardcore Country! Will Tara be able to overcome Mickie and her thrillbilly sound? After a feud that consisted mostly of backstage brawls involving the entire Knockouts roster, Mickie and Tara will hopefully settle their WWE grudge tonight so we can move on with our lives. I see Mickie picking up the win with the Mickie DDT. The aftermath is more interesting to me. Will she cash in her title shot? Does that even exist anymore? Hopefully TNA realizes which feud is actually interesting and finally pushes Madison vs. Sarita front and center.

Erin: I said this last time these two had a PPV match, and I’ll say it again: Mickie should soon be challenging for the Knockouts Title, and I believe that if Mickie wants to pose a real threat to Madison, she must be able to take out her partner. Tara is that partner, of course, and though this feud has gone on longer than I thought it would, I still think Mickie will come out on top. Last time, their match ended in a draw, so in a sense neither side has the clear upper hand going into the match, even though Tara had the last laugh on Impact. Since this match is a Falls Count Anywhere ordeal, I’m sure these two will be able to get all the brawling out of their systems and put a nice cap on this feud. Mickie wins and moves on to challenge the champion.

David: I think the build for this match has been okay because the intensity between the girls is very high. I enjoy their brawls, I like when they mix it up. Unfortunately I am not so crazy about the other aspects of the feud, like the recent concert performance and Eric Young in chaps. For the most part I like Mickie but this “Hardcore Country” gimmick seems forced and I find it a little goofy. As a result I don’t enjoy watching her matches as much as I used to. I respect that TNA is building several storylines within the Knockouts but this one won’t get me to open my wallet and order the show. I do think Mickie will win and then move on championship matches.

Melanie: To surmise this in one simple sentence: expect Mickie‘s rhinestone Lucchese boots to kick Tara’s ass back to its roots.

Steven: I think I’m gonna go with Mickie on this one. Since her debut in TNA, she has been the golden girl of the promotion. I feel like this will be the blow-off match for this Mickie/Tara feud, so I really don’t see Mickie taking the loss. Expect Mickie to pull out the win and set her sights on TNA gold.

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