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PPV Predictions: TNA Hardcore Justice 2011

The Diva Dirt team weigh in on tonight’s Hardcore Justice pay per view matches between Mickie James and Winter, as well as Sarita and Rosita vs Tara and Ms Tessmacher.

Mickie James vs Winter (Knockouts Championship)

April: For the Knockouts Championship match, I am going to have to go with my gut and say that Mickie James is going to pull out the win in this one. She’s a strong champion and I don’t see her going down without a fight. I know the numbers game will come into play but I don’t see Winter walking out with that title. I think she could be champion one day but not tonight.

Bobby: I’ll start off with perhaps the most important match I will ever see in TNA, Mickie James vs. Winter. It’s no secret Winter is my favorite female in wrestling and being I never got to see her hold a title in WWE, I’m pretty much going into this saying my nightly prayers for a new champion. Nothing against Mickie as I think she’s really done well in TNA, but I could never and will never side against Winter in a Championship match. I say Winter takes the victory, we get our first British Knockouts Champion, and I celebrate by downing mountain dews all night being I’m not at the legal drinking age.

Cryssi: Hmmm Mickie or Winter? Well, this summer is so hot down hurr in good ole L.A., and by L.A. I totally mean Lower Alabama, and honestly the scorching hot, insanely humid, and ridiculous temperatures make me yearn for our winters. Boy do I lust for 60 degree weather! Because summer sucks this year and I think it’s stupid that Mickie wants a fan to pay for her next album (seriously??), I’m going for Winter! You go girl. Double champ? Make it happen.

Katelyn: Winter is on a roll, not only in TNA, but in wrestling in general. After winning WILD Wrestling’s championship the other day, I also pick Winter to walk out of Hardcore Justice as the new TNA Knockouts Champion and finish the week a double-champion.

Melanie: In my opinion, this one could go either way. I could see Mickie retaining and I could see Winter winning. Winter has really come into her own since joining TNA and proven to be a great addition to the Knockouts roster. Her character is unique and stands out compared to her character in WWE. I would love to see her finally get an opportunity to be champion. Not to mention she’d be the first British Knockouts Champ! Again, could go either way but I think I’m going to lean towards Winter winning the strap.

Tara & Miss Tessmacher vs Rosita & Sarita (Knockouts Tag Team Championship)

April: I look for Tara & Miss Tessmacher to retain. This will be Rosarita’s return match after losing and let’s face it, it’s rare for that comeback win. I think Taramacher have a unique dynamic and obvious chemistry. Tara is a great teacher and Tessmacher is an eager student. I think they may just keep running here, at least for a little while longer.

Bobby: I don’t really have much to say. This is Sarita and Rosita’s rematch clause and it’s nice to see the belts get a slot on a pay per view. I don’t see the cousins taking the belts back, but weirder things have happened in TNA before. Nonetheless, Tara & Miss Tessmacher retain the titles after the Stra-tess-faction/powerbomb combo.

Cryssi: I think it’s about as predictable as an Alabama loss in the Iron Bowl this year. Oh yes. War Eagle, baby. Tara & Miss Tessmacher will win this match because they’ve barely gotten a chance to wet their feet as champs. That said, Rosita remains my favorite Knockout (along with Velvet.) That’s all!

Katelyn: I see babyfaces Tara & Miss Tessmacher retaining their titles over Sarita and Rosita.

Melanie: Not much to say here. It looks like this match was just added at the last minute to fill some time. Wouldn’t expect anything dramatic like a title change. Tara & Miss Tessmacher will win.

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