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PPV Predictions: TNA Slammiversary 2010

The Knockouts Title is on the line tonight when returning Knockout, Roxxi faces off against Madison Rayne. Which woman will win? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Cryssi: I would love to sit here and act excited about this match but the fact of the matter is the Algeria vs. Slovenia World Cup match sounds more exciting than this. So you ask yourselves, Algeria and Slovenia are in the World Cup? Damn right they are! And that’s more titillating than this Knockouts Championship match. It hurts my heart to say that and you know who I blame? TNA. They dropped the ball big time on this feud and the fact they didn’t even bother to mention the match on Impact speaks volumes about how they feel about their Knockouts. I don’t give a shit what Bischoff says in his pathetic little interviews. TNA is ostracizing the Knockouts and we fans of women’s wrestling have to suffer for it. It’s a sad, sad day when I care more about a nobody soccer match than a wrestling title match but that’s what it’s boiled down to and I feel awful for Madison and Roxxi. Who will win? Madison, of course. Roxxi’s return hasn’t really been built, so there’s no point in giving her the championship. But this is the same company who taped a title match for YouTube and it wouldn’t shock me to see a new champ crowned. Whatever.

David: Welcome back to TNA, Roxxi! Her recent victory over Madison Rayne was impressive and resulted in this title shot, but I think her hardcore style will not be able to overcome the numbers game I expect to see from the Beautiful People. I went to school for math so I know that three beats one every time. Madison will need some help from Lacey and Velvet, but in the end I predict Madison will celebrate a victory at Slammiversary.

Erin: I feel it’s a bit too early to be giving Roxxi the title. This feud has only been going on a few weeks, and the past two of them have had the focus more or less on Rosie Lottalove instead of Roxxi. Roxxi needs to build a lot more momentum, in my opinion, before she can have a meaningful title win, and I’m not sure TNA is ready to give it to her this early on in her comeback. That, paired with TNA’s love of the Beautiful People, convinces me that Madison isn’t about to part with the Knockouts Title. Madison retains.

Melanie: You know what, this is the first match in a while where I think the result could go either way. I could see Madison retaining and I could see them hot shotting the belt onto Roxxi. Roxxi came in straightaway as the new top babyface and she’s a Knockout that has throughout the years, worked hard and not been given an opportunity to. Where better to give her the ball than their anniversary show? It really could go either way but I have a suspicion that Roxxi may win the belt tonight.

Steven: As we’ve said before, this Roxxi push has come straight out of left field. It has had little to no build up in the past week (both the champion and challenger get cut from the main show?! Really TNA?!). For this reason alone I don’t she the title changing hands tonight. A title win is (or should be) a momentous occasion, but in TNA you can win titles out of a box, so who knows? Also, if Roxxi manages to pull out the win, Madison will be seen as nothing but a transitional champ. Madison really needs this win to establish her as a credible champ. At Slammiversary, Madison retains.

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