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Raw Redux (October 14th, 2013): The Target is on Brie’s Back

Someone please pinch me… this week’s Raw was a dream, wasn’t it? There’s no way the perfection that went down tonight was put together by the same group of people who put together the crap we saw last week. NO WAY! I’ll be honest with you guys, I wasn’t even going to bother writing this Redux this week. I was going to give another Diva Dirt staffer the opportunity to write about the A-show because I wasn’t sure I could stomach it. That probably would have pleased a lot of people, but Raw delivered. I think it had a feeling I was getting ready to take a break, and it did what it had to do to rope me back in. I’m not saying that it was a perfect show, because it wasn’t, but it had the best thing you could ever hope to have – STORYLINE PROGRESSION.

AJ Lee returned after a week off due to a concussion. Brie Bella finally got in the middle of the storyline we all wanted her in. Tamina Snuka had a GREAT match on Raw. Summer Rae continued to slay. And Stephanie McMahon continued her trend of questionable fashion sense while killing every single segment she was involved in.

Summer kicked off all the Diva goodness tonight, which is fitting. Every single week she continues to rock and get better.

Every time Summer interferes in a match, my smile gets a little brighter. She is such a good manager and there hasn’t really been a solid female ringside presence since Melina was paired with MNM back in the day. It’s fair to say that Maryse worked pretty well with Ted DiBiase, but he just didn’t have the character or charisma to go with someone as flashy and flamboyant as she was. Summer and Fandango definitely play off each other well and have really developed into a solid unit. It definitely didn’t start off that way, but it works now and it gets better every week.

Santino coming out without Khali and Hornswoggle was a big step in leading me to believe that Emma could be on her way to the main roster. She did so well with Santino down in NXT and even though I don’t agree with it, I think it could work on the main roster since Santino is so over. With Summer costing Santino the match, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that he would bring back-up should there be a rematch in the near future. Emma would be a breath of fresh air on the main roster, to be honest. Just sayin’!

After totally ripping to pieces Summer Rae being Fandango’s dance partner and seeing how well it has turned out, I’ve promised to be open-minded towards almost everything these days and that includes the possibilty of Emma being brought up to be with Santino.

We also saw Cameron and Naomi do their Funkadactyl thing, accompanying Brodus Clay and Tensai as the took on Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro.

Queen Stephanie made the most of her time this week as well. Not only did she come up big in a segment with her husband, Triple H, addressing the shenanigans of the Big Slow last week, but she decided to turn her attention to Daniel Bryan’s lady love, Brie.

Stephanie set up a match between Brie and Tamina Snuka, banned Nikki Bella from ringside, and allowed AJ to have a bird’s eye view.

Now, when Stephanie made the match I rolled my eyes. I cannot tell a lie. I’m not really sold on Tamina being this big, huge threat to the Divas division. Boy was I surprised at just how amazing this ended up being.

First of all, that match had no right to be that good. I’m not even kidding. Tamina and Brie worked so, so great together. I loved that for awhile the match was back and forth, and Tamina really did look like a powerhouse. I’ve never really been a fan of her matches, but she definitely stepped it up in this one.

Brie is growing into a great face and a great singles star. She sold the heck out of Tamina’s moves and really, really made the ending of the segment look like a million bucks. I LOVED the beatdown of Brie Bella so much that I wish I could hug it. It was exactly what we needed last night and it worked so, so well for everyone involved. Tamina looked powerful. AJ looked like an amazing heel. And Brie definitely played the sympathetic face.

Tamina and AJ ended their night on a high and that was awesome.

Brie’s night just got worse. Nikki finally made her way to ringside after the beatdown was over, despite only being banned from the ring just for the match. Brie was taken to the back to get medical treatment. I still won’t speculate over a Nikki heel turn, because in my head, John Cena is going to return and team with Daniel Bryan to overthrow the regime with their lady loves by their sides. Awwwww!!!!!!!

Speaking of Daniel, he went straight to Stephanie to confront her over harassing Brie. Have I ever told you guys just how much I absolutely love Daniel Bryan?!

Stephanie was very quick to jump down Daniel’s throat and send him off to check on his fiancee. I can only assume that Daniel did just that and then went for his match against Alberto Del Rio.

Oh man!

Those screams! What did Randy Orton do to the Bellas when he slammed that door shut?! Daniel was a man infuriated and it was soooooooooooo adorable when he went running to make sure Brie and Nikki were okay. It was so obvious that it wasn’t going to end well for him, and no, it didn’t. Daniel ended up attacked right in front of the Bella twins and all those two could do was watch in horror.

I LOVED it!!!! Although, I will say that the acting during this wasn’t the best.

It doesn’t matter much, though, but in terms of storyline and entertainment Raw was pure gold. AJ does all the little things right. The talking to the championship belt had me in stitches last night. I can’t say enough nice things about Tamina this go around and that’s a nice change. Brie continues to give me life each and every week and Nikki is turning into quite the wild card. I’m hoping Santino brings in Emma to battle Summer, and Stephanie McMahon is Stephanie McMahon. Raw was a homerun. I could not be more happy. And a happy khaleesi is a nice khaleesi… until next time!

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