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Raw Redux (September 19th, 2011): Vickie Guerrero Takes Over Raw… and There’s a Tag Match Too

So last night Raw turned into the Vickie Guerrero show, and no one is complaining! Mrs. Fierce did her thing last night in the most amazing way possible and personally, I couldn’t be happier. Vickie has morphed herself into one of the best personalities, male or female, in the WWE right now and seeing her dominate the show last night made me a very happy writer. There was also a confusing tag team match, featuring Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres taking on Beth Phoenix and Natalya. No witty opening today, guys. I do apologize for that. Let’s just get on with the action.

Divas Champ, Kelly (how impressive was she at NOC?) and Eve made their way to the ring first, and yes, Kelly is still the champion. She’s sporting the hometown jersey tonight making sure no one has any reason to jeer her a la the Buffalo crowd, and she’s proudly holding her title in the air. Eve just seems happy to be there and that’s fine; 2K is a pretty good meal ticket these days. Out next are the Divas of Doom sporting some awful looking Demolition/LOD-esque shoulder pads. Neither of them look thrilled and Cole puts over Beth’s reaction to losing last night. Apparently she wasn’t happy that she kinda choked when it mattered the most.

Beth and Kelly kick things off, with Beth temporarily getting the better of the bubbly Divas Champion. She tosses 2K into the corner, but when she charges Kelly is able to stick her foot up and knock Beth away. Kelly follows it up by trying to run the ropes, manages to duck a Beth clothesline attempt, and ends up sending Beth into the corner where Eve is waiting for the tag. The ex-champion comes in looking to capitalize on the fact Kelly has gotten Beth in a weakened state.

She does get the better of Beth, but only for a few seconds. The Glamazon is quick to knock Eve down with a mighty kick to the chest. Eve withers in pain, and that gives Beth the chance to tag in Natalya. DoD double team Eve with a brutal clothesline before Beth is ordered out of the ring. Nattie goes for the first cover of the match, but Eve has more fight in her than that. That fight doesn’t stop the Canadian from putting a hurtin’ on Eve. She works her over on the mat before tossing her into the corner. Beth backs up, but the referee doesn’t trust the situation. Natalya picks an argument with him, and that gives Beth a chance to cheat. Eve, to her credit, isn’t having it. She knocks Beth back with an elbow and when Nattie comes flying at her, she fights her off as well.

Eve doesn’t just fight off Natalya, she manages to roll her up.

Oh wow, she won.

Well that was interesting. Hmmm. Last night I wasn’t to keen on Eve and Kelly winning yet another match, but the morning after, well… it depends on where they go with it. I have the hole dug, ready to bury this DoD storyline, but I’m not quite ready to start filling it with dirt. I want to believe that this is going to lead to Beth and Nattie going on an absolute tear and destroying Divas left and right, but I can’t be that positive about it. So in this case, I’m just going with if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I do, however, feel like the match had the best Beth/Eve interaction we’ve seen, and I didn’t hate. Just confused by the outcome and where this could possibly be going.

Maybe some answers on SmackDown?

Meanwhile, Vickie temporarily forgot about Dolph last night with Hollywood hunk, Hugh Jackman, around. While Wolverine was in the ring cutting a promo, Vickie and her hot blond man-candy interrupted, both with microphones in their hands.


The heat Vickie gets from that simple phrase is amazing. The crowd is all over her and the United States Champion as they walk to the ring. Once Vickie sees Jackman, she turns on the charm. She calls herself his biggest fan and claims he should agree she is the hottest WWE Diva (we agree!), and Vickie references that People magazine was right when they named Jackman the sexiest man alive. Dolph isn’t impressed.

His jealously is so hot.

Dolph is glaring at his manager/lady friend and finally it dawns on Vickie that she’s supposed to be introducing Dolph. Jackman starts to speak, but she interrupts, but when he sees her ‘Cougar’ necklace, Vickie gets all giggly. Dolph warns Jackman to watch his hands and he apologizes. Dolph has had enough anyway. He wants to put himself and his victory from Night of Champions over, so he does just that. He even manages to get in a few wisecracks as well; little gems such as referencing Mason Ryan as a robot (we agree) and purposely mixing up the title role Jackman has played. Love it. He calls himself the greatest United States Champion this business has ever seen and he’s getting a ton of heat. Love this.

Dolph’s rant continues on, while Vickie keeps on making eyes at Hugh Jackman. The celeb’s movie is plugged and Dolph basically claims he can beat anyone tonight that Jackman would coach in a match against him. The crowd only wants one person, Hugh Jackman confiscates a sign, and low and behold… we’re going to end up having Dolph Ziggler versus Zack Ryder later on tonight.

The match itself is a standard guys match, except better because it has Dolph and Ryder in it. I’m not going to recap it, because that’s not what I do, but it’s worth the watch the see Vickie looking hot at ringside in her romper and my baby getting sucker punched at the end. So sad.

And just when we thought that was it, Vickie shows up backstage and this time it’s with Jack Swagger. Uh oh.

The whole segment is so well done, that a recap isn’t even necessary. Swagger has been after Vickie’s services for weeks and finally she accepts him into her stable. Cue camera shot of the sullen, beaten U.S. Champ rubbing his jaw and looking jilted. This is great. I absolutely LOVE that Vickie, Dolph, and Zack got this kind of push tonight. Working with someone like Hugh Jackman is kind of a big deal and in my opinion, these three people should be pushed to the moon. Vickie is brilliant and both guys are the total package. Celebrity appearances aren’t normally my thing but if all of them come off this well, then more please.

As far as Vickie now having her own stable, well you go girl. Ultimately, it is not going to end well for you, but enjoy it while you can. I fully see Ziggler/Swagger exploding into a huge feud with our girl right in the middle of it. I don’t know how I feel about it, to be fair. Dolph/Vickie is one of my favorite pairings of all time. It works on so many levels for both of them and I don’t want it to ever end. This storyline is no doubt going to be the only thing I care about for the next few weeks, so yay. Excited.

Raw wasn’t a top show tonight, but Vickie’s presence definitely saved it for me. She’s the best in the company right now. Great night for her. See you guys next week… Cryssi out!

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