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Raw Redux (September 23rd, 2013): A New Challenger Emerges

Anything I write today will pale in comparison to sheer joy and excitement I felt last night when Randy Orton confronted Brie Bella backstage about Daniel Bryan. That segment is absolutely the only thing I have been waiting for since this entire storyline started and finally, my dreams came true last night. Trust me when I say that I will be talking more about that segment later one, and you can also expect me to really, really gush about Raw. Everything was so flawless last night, that I don’t have one single ounce of hate in me towards anything. I also loved the validation I got when Brie pinned AJ Lee, because now all you haters who were so quick to jump down my throat about Brie having no claim to the title because a “double pin” doesn’t count in a Fatal Four-Way no longer have an argument. Brie does have a valid claim to the championship now, not that she didn’t before. When even the commentators talk about Brie pinning Naomi and no one counting, and a big deal is made… you know what? Screw it.

Brie pinned AJ. Brie pinned AJ.

Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie.

Oh guess what? Brie pinned AJ.

Yes, that was super annoying but that’s how I feel ninety-nine times out of a hundred.

But anyways!

There was definitely a lot more to Raw than Brie Bella. Stephanie McMahon, Queen of the World and Goddess of Everything Wrestling once again proved why she is head and shoulders above everyone else ever. Summer Rae blinded all of us with her hot pink dance costume and helped her main man, Fandango, to get another much needed win. Then we had a 10-Diva Tag Team match which pitted the cast of Total Divas (God, I miss that show) against a team of Divas that consisted of Alicia Fox (who looked like the bomb dot com in her ring gear last night), Layla, Aksana (still looking brill with her new, short hair), Tamina Snuka, and of course, our championess AJ.

Raw kicked off with Stephanie and her husband, Triple H addressing the WWE Universe and the group of Superstars that stood up to the regime last week to end Raw.

I love this storyline so much. Stephanie coming back to television is one of the best things to ever happen to the WWE in recent memory. She has such an incredible presence about her and to be fair, she’s a heck of a lot more scary than her husband. They’re an absolutely fantastic duo. I loved how they just basically mocked everything in this segment and thanked the guys for standing up and finally proving that they’re men. Instead of punishing them, Triple H and Stephanie decide that tonight they’re going to give the superstars a chance to take their frustrations out on The Shield, because after all, who else can be causing them the frustration? The Shield, who are slowly but surely becoming the muscle for the McMahons, aren’t exactly impressed with this decision.

Stephanie continued shine later on when she interrupted a segment between The Miz and Big Show. Triple H graciously allowed The Miz to go on television despite the humiliating beating Randy gave him last week in front of his (Miz’s) friends and family, and talk to the Big Show about what happened with Dusty Rhodes.

I knew things were going to get cray cray when Stephanie interrupted. Being the kind and amazing woman that she is, Stephanie came to the conclusion that she was going to let some of Miz’s remarks slide because she knows she likes to stir the pot. She then makes a few threats, to which Miz doesn’t take to kindly towards, and Stephanie decides to point out The Miz’s flaws. She lets him know that he is nothing more than a utility player, someone that the company can use as a tool to promote their product. Ouch. She also believes that Miz peaked way to early into his career and tells him last week he failed every single one of his loved ones. After Stephanie finishes running Miz down, she sics the Big Show on him. He lays Miz out and storms out of the ring, obviously not happy with what he is being forced to do. The Queen, on the other hand, is more than pleased with herself.

This woman is soooooooooo devious. I love her.

Stephanie had one final segment last night and it was with AJ. The Queen was watching a promo of a new DVD featuring exclusive footage from her real life wedding to Triple H.

Knowing how unlucky in love AJ seems to be, Stephanie gives the champion a copy of the DVD and then decides to try and brush off AJ. AJ doesn’t easily go away and she starts venting about her match that’s coming up later in the night and the cast of Total Divas, and basically putting herself over as better than them. Stephanie gets in her face and basically threatens to strip AJ of her title if she doesn’t compete tonight. AJ forces herself to swallow a lot of pride and claims that she has a match to go get ready for. Excuse me while I freak out over Stephanie and AJ interaction.

Okay, better.

That was our first clue that we were getting the 10-Diva tag match, by the way. Before that, however, there was another segment. It was the segment I eluded too earlier featuring Brie and Randy Orton, and yes, Nikki Bella was there as well. IN RING GEAR!!!! WELCOME BACK NIKKI!!!! Yay!

All I’ve ever wanted was for Brie to get involved in this and I’m getting my wish. Honestly, it’s no shock that this was my favorite part of Raw because as the Diva Dirt leader of the Bella Army and President of the Braniel fanbase, this was everything! Randy is so creepy and Brie was so defiant towards him, saying that she already had someone who was a real man. You go girl! I love it so so so so so much and I love that Brie brought her attitude into the match. When it was time for the match, Eva Marie and JoJo were at ringside to support Natalya, Naomi, Cameron, Nikki and Brie.

Nattie and Alicia got us started with some back and forth action, and Alicia had a lot of sass! She got Nattie in the corner and was kicking her down, until the referee stepped in. Alicia kept the advantage and tried for a cover, but Nattie was able to kick out but she still had to endure Alicia’s wrath. Nattie eventually made the hot tag and Brie came into the match. On the other side, Alicia tagged in AJ. AJ took it Brie and taunted her along the way, and that didn’t settle well the feisty twin. Not only does she get the better of AJ, but she knocks the other girls off the apron so they can’t get involved. AJ ends up eating a Bella Buster and Brie picks up a nice win for Team Total Divas. The cast comes into the ring to celebrate.

Well, it wasn’t a disaster and when it comes to those multi-Diva tag matches, you kind of have to hold your breath. Thankfully, this one was kept nice and simple. Alicia looked great and now we kind of have a situation on our hands where we don’t really know who the rightful number one contender is. After the staredown last week between Nattie and AJ, we were all like, yeah Nattie and AJ! Lets do it!!! Then AJ goes to on to have a nice match with Naomi on SmackDown, and now Brie can boast about pinning the champion. Just when you think you have answers, the ‘E changes the questions. I love how exciting the division is right now and I really can’t wait to see which direction they go in now.

Tonight was nothing short of amazing when it came to Diva goodies. We even got Summer Rae getting involved again in Fandango’s matches. This time her interference set her man up for a win, and an incredible Summer Rae chant broke out during the match.

Summer Slay.

That’s all I got for this week. If you can’t find some type of happiness in everything we got tonight then I just don’t know what to tell you. Until next week… Cryssi out!

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