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Reader Poll: Vote for Trish Stratus’ Best Magazine Cover Ever!

Former WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus celebrated landing her 90th magazine cover this week, and now Diva Dirt wants you to vote for the best one.

We’ve narrowed it down to 10 of our absolute favorites — including the most iconic ones — but we need you to wittle it down to just five. The top five will be revealed exclusively on Diva Dirt TV.

Check out the 10 covers below:

L-R: Muscle Mag (1998), WWE Divas (2002), WWE Divas (2003), WWE Raw Magazine (2004), WWE Magazine (2006), WWE Divas (2006), Today’s Bride (2007), Revive (2011), Oxygen (2011), Inside Fitness (2012).

Which one do you think is Trish’s best cover ever?

Vote below:


Stay tuned for the results!

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