Monday, July 4, 2022

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Reby Sky Gets Hardcore for Extreme Rising Promotion

Reby Sky may have proved just how hardcore she can get by putting former TNA wrestler and current ROH star Homicide through a table with a second rope elbow drop at Saturday’s “Extreme Rising” show in Philadelphia, PA.

The two had had a confrontation at the previous night’s show in Corona, NY. Results say that Reby came out to the ring and cut a promo about the women who had paved the way for her to be there (women like Beulah McGillicutty and Francine). As she was leaving, Homicide made his way to the ring and the two exchanged words. Reby slapped him, which led to him laying her out with an Ace Crusher.

Sky then accompanied boyfriend Matt Hardy to the ring for his main event match with Homicide and Jerry Lynn on the Saturday show.

She got involved in the match when Homicide laid out Hardy with a chair, and went to protect him. Homicide apparently went to hit her with the CopKilla, but she was saved by Jerry Lynn. As Hardy was checking on Reby, he was attacked by Homicide and hit with the CopKilla for the pin.

Post-match, Lynn attacked Homicide and hit him with a cradle piledriver. Hardy and Lynn set up a table and Reby came off the ropes with her “SkyDive” elbow drop to gain a measure of revenge. The three celebrated in the ring to close the show.

In other news, Reby then somehow managed to draw ire from fans on Twitter when she was dubbed the new “Queen of Extreme” by one of the event organizers, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, with many proclaiming it was because of boyfriend Matt Hardy that she received that title. This led to Hardy himself explaining the moniker and the fair reasoning behind it:

Wanted to comment on something I’ve seen on my timeline. @RebySky hasn’t ever declared herself as the “Queen of Extreme” because she’s with me. The #ExtremeRising group’s office of Cody, Kevin, Steve & Shane Douglas attached that title to her because she is going to serve & be promoted as the promotion’s female centerpiece. The “Queen of Extreme” moniker goes with Reby being the first lady of #ExtremeRising, and is in no way a description of her wrestling style. Much like the “Queen of Extreme” terminology was associated with Francine in the original ECW. Reby’s true character is majorly different from any other female that has ever been associated with an “Extreme” style. In time and as she develops, everyone will see the true amaziness of who @RebySky truly is.

You can already purchase both evening’s events on DVD.

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