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Report & Pictures from FCW’s Live Event in Port Charlotte (Saturday, June 4th)

On Saturday night I attended my 6th event at FCW (7th, possibly 8th coming up in the next 2 months due to Melina and Natalya signings). Even though the Divas didn’t compete in a match, it was my favorite of all 6 trips I’ve taken.

When the doors opened at around 6 pm, I went in and immediately saw Brandi Reed and Audrey Marie, the two newest additions to the roster. Took a photo with both, and then met some of the male Superstars as everyone awaited the mystery roster signings to come up in the fan fest. Diva wise, Naomi, AJ, & Kaitlyn were the selections, and I personally, was over the moon with this.

When they walked out they sat at the middle table of the three set up, and just my luck, I was already past Naomi and Kaitlyn, so I figured I’d come back to them later. AJ was who I was most looking forward to meeting since I haven’t gotten to meet her in just about 10 days short of a year, and she was as awesome as ever. Kaitlyn & AJ are two of the best people to meet. If you liked them on NXT, or currently on SmackDown, they are exactly like their TV personas in real life.

I asked AJ if she could sign a picture for my friend, not only did she sign my picture, but she knew who my friend was from Twitter, and even remembered meeting me a year ago. (Thanks Nessa =P) I was pretty surprised, but I mustered up enough strength to get a picture with AJ. After I had a moment to get over the disbelief, I went on and waited for the line to end so I could go back and meet Kaitlyn and Naomi.

First up, I got to Naomi, and if the little cartoon picture of me didn’t give it away, she’s definitely one of my favorites. I told her how I cant wait for her to debut and pretty much every week I hope is the week. She was really nice and talked to me for a couple minutes (probably seconds in reality, but I was too in awe that I was having a conversation with Naomi to realize) about hoping for her to be called up next. I then took a photo with her and went on back to AJ, and this time, Kaitlyn.

AJ (who I firmly believe is the greatest person alive due to her overall awesomeness at the event) asked if they could sign my program over the Dude Busters page since they are the newly formed ‘Chick Busters’ (photo below), and I gladly obliged; in fact, I felt honored. They flipped through it to find the Dude Busters, and through each page they passed by, they determined if the Superstar looked nice or mean. Kaitlyn told me that I am the first person to have the official Chick Busters autographs and I said I would forever keep it due to the meaning and importance it had to me. I took a pic with Kaitlyn and then met some more of the male Superstars until the show started.

Brandi and Audrey shared the ring announcing duties for the night, but the mic was really low so it was hard to hear at times when someone’s music would be playing. They both got nice receptions from the crowd, and this one older woman called Brandi a sexy mama. (Note: She also screamed for Husky Harris to straddle her) Anyways… the matches are always a pleasure to see in person as they get to put in a lot of character to each individual bout.

After intermission, Derrick Batemen came out and announced that there would be an FCW Divas bikini contest up next. This got a solid reaction from the crowd, but I won’t lie, there were fans who wanted to see the Divas in a match instead. Nonetheless, I was just glad to see them featured. Some music hit and out walked Maxine (with newly darkened brown hair), Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero), Sonia, Naomi, Kaitlyn (who totally noticed me when she walked by and made a Chick Busters reference), and AJ.

They all got into the ring and Derrick called up AJ to go first. AJ (who got a huge amount of cheers) took the microphone and said that there were children in the audience and she would not disrobe in front of them. She walked out of the ring and went backstage. Derrick then insisted that to replace AJ, Audrey Marie and Brandi Reed would join in. They walked up from the announce table and got into the ring, and things got underway with Maxine. Let me first warn you, this may get a little repetitive since I’m not sure how to mix things up when writing about a bikini contest, but I’ll do my best. Anyways, Maxine walked to the side of the ring I was sitting on and took off her shorts and top, getting a good pop from the crowd. Raquel Diaz was up next, and she did the same, looking great. Following her was Brandi, who had Derrick help her undo her dress. Naomi followed her, and is friggin’ ripped in person. She has abs that people could only dream of. Naomi was sporting an American themed look, and was pretty over. Sonia was up next and had a kimono on with bubble guns in her hands that she threatened to use on Derrick. Sonia took her robe off and revealed she had floaties on as well, and started using the bubble gun to blow bubbles at the crowd. Something I never thought I would say when leaving FCW: Sonia blew a bubble at me. Kaitlyn continued, and yes, I did root for Kaitlyn due to the Chick Busters reference (and I rooted for Naomi just because she’s Naomi, don’t fret). Kaitlyn told a joke about chili, but the mic, again, was pretty bad so it was hard to hear anyone speak. Nonetheless, she disrobed and got a great response. Audrey was up last and she looked really good in person as well.

Derrick went down the line of girls and asked for crowd applause. Personally, I felt Naomi and Kaitlyn got the loudest reaction (completely unbiased, might I add) but in the end, Derrick awarded the contest to new Diva, Audrey, who celebrated. Naomi then proceeded to take her shirt and whip Derrick with it until all the Divas left ringside except Maxine as she kissed one of the kids in the front row. Audrey then went back around one last time and slapped everyone’s hands, as the segment came to a close.

So, in review, this was definitely my favorite trip by far. Meeting AJ and Kaitlyn together, as well as getting to talk to Naomi, was worth any length of a drive it took. To sum up this experience, I’ll leave you with my final thoughts:

1. Kaitlyn and Naomi were screwed in that bikini contest. Screwed, I tells ya!

2. Brandi Reed is one of the best looking females I have ever seen in person.

3. AJ Lee should be met by every fan alive because of her awesomeness.

4. Chick Busters for Life!~

Until July, this has been your FCW live event recap!

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