Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Results: Allie saves Kiera Hogan, Rosemary makes her return

Tonight at Bound For Glory, Allie was able to fulfill her promise in saving her friend Kiera Hogan.

As seen on last week’s episode of Impact, Father James Mitchell helped Allie arrive in the Undead Realm and informed her that Su Yung was holding Kiera in a chapel upstairs. He also warned Allie to be careful to not touch her soul if she saw it, for it will now stay in the Undead Realm. Allie made her way to the chapel, slaying some of Su Yung’s Undead Bridesmaids along the way.

When Allie reaches the chapel, she found a coffin where Kiera laid inside. Su Yung appeared and tried to attack Allie from behind but Allie was able to avoid some of Su’s hatchet attacks. Yung sees an opening and manages to bring Allie down, choking her in the process. The battle makes its way to another room where Su continues to choke out Allie. Su pulls out a knife but before she could use it, Allie stabs Su in the neck.

Allie pulls Kiera out of the coffin and the two look for their escape but Mitchell reappears to tell them that he promised to help Allie get in the Undead Realm but nothing about helping them get out. As Su’s Undead Bridesmaids appeared, a returning Rosemary emerged to help fight them off.

Rosemary then ordered a hesitant Allie to escape as she fought Su and her Undead Bridesmaids. When Allie and Kiera returned to the normal realm, a hectic Allie wanted to go back to the Undead Realm to save Rosemary. Kiera tries to calm Allie down but Allie replies saying things are not okay.

What did you think of the Undead Realm battle?

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