Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Results from Remix Pro Wrestling featuring Mickie James, Sara Del Rey & Madison Rayne

Diva Dirt reader Michael B. attended last night’s Remix Pro Wrestling show in Marietta, OH, which featured Madison Rayne vs Sara Del Rey. The show was supposed to feature a dream match between Del Rey and Mickie James, but due to her separated shoulder at a TNA house show a few weeks ago, James was unable to compete.

Results below:

I just got back from the Marietta, OH event where Sara Del Rey vs Madison Rayne took place.

Mickie James did a promo in the ring saying that despite the injury, she wasn’t going to miss this event and apologized for not being able to perform because her doctors hadn’t cleared her to wrestle, Madison Rayne then interrupted the promo saying how she caused Mickie to be in a sling and then told Mickie to get out of the ring. Mickie then said that although she couldn’t wrestle tonight, she knew someone that could and that was the “Real Queen of Wrestling” and introduced Sara Del Rey.

It was a pretty decent match, lots of back & forth action. Madison at one point grabbed her Knockouts Title and tried to leave and Mickie James blocked her from leaving, grabbed her and threw her back in the ring. Sara Del Rey got hold of the title and was posing with it. The ref saw this and saw Madison laying on the mat and thought that she used it as a weapon and DQ’d Del Rey.

Winner by DQ : Madison Rayne

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