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Ring Ka King Write-Up (February 26th, 2012): Mickie James & The Bollywood Boyz vs Raisha Saeed & The Sheiks

Welcome to another riveting edition of the Ring Ka King Write-Up! In case you’re wondering, as I’m sure most are, why this is coming so soon after the last one, let me inform you that Ring Ka King airs two episodes a weekend — one on Saturdays and one on Sundays. This is just the first weekend to feature the ladies on both episodes, hence why there has only been one a week before. Nonetheless, tonight is the big match most have been looking forward to… a six person tag featuring Raisha Saeed and the Sheiks against Mickie James and the Bollywood Boyz! Who will come out on top? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to scroll down!

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We head out to the arena, where the theme of The Sheiks and Raisha Saeed plays across the sound system. The trio make their way down the ramp for their six person tag match, and it looks as if Raisha is back to her usual form tonight! The three step inside the ring until they are cut off by the amazing dance number of a theme song that comes to us from The Bollywood Boyz!~ Various female dancers walk onto the stage and dance as the two join them in truly brilliant fashion. Once in the ring, HARRRRRDCCURRRRRRR COUNNTRREEHHHHH hits, and out skips Mickie James in retro bell bottoms!

The bell sounds and we kick things off with Mickie and Raisha in the ring together. They lock up to a roaring response from the crowd, as Saeed backs James into the corner and unloads with some punches and kicks. She sends Mickie into the opposing side, but Mickie fights back with an elbow into the Mick-A-Rana! A dropkick follows up, as Raisha tags in one of the Sheiks to the bout. We head to a replay of what just happened, and return to see… oh hey, look, it’s Daivari! Anyways, he is shoving the referee away and demanding James to kiss him. Mickie takes the opportunity to slap him across the face and slide outside the ring under the legs of one of her partners.

Bollywood #1 hops into the ring and decks Daivari with a second rope clothesline for a two count. He then locks in an arm lock, before flying off the ropes and being attacked by Sheik #2. Daivari proceeds to unload on Bollywood #1 with some punches, before distracting the referee as Sheik #2 and Raisha destroy him in their corner. Sheik #2 tags in and drops Bollywood #1 with a body slam/knee drop combo to muster up another two count. Irish whip into the corner, as Bollywood #1 fights back with a kick to the face and a clothesline! Tag into Bollywood #2 who mounts some hot offense with a clothesline and a spinning kick for a two count. Daivari sends him into the corner, but misses a huge splash.

Raisha then decides to run inside the ring, but meets a top rope seated senton for her troubles by fan favorite, Mickie James! She then kicks Raisha outside the ring, as Sheik #2 pulls Bollywood #2 out on the other side. Bollywood #1 goes for a super kick, but Daivari stops it. Bollywood #1 then rolls up Daivari, but the referee is distracted with the females and Sheik #2 superkicks him in the face to reverse the roll up in their favor. 1… 2… 3! The Sheiks and Raisha celebrate their big win, as James and the Bollywood Boyz plan their comeback for another day.

Thoughts: Another fun bout from Ring Ka King. It did feel a little short, much like the match last night from Miss Raisha and Alyssa Flash, but the ladies at least did get to entertain. I’m dying to see Mickie and Raisha go at it in a singles match, and I really hope we get to next weekend before Mickie heads back and Angelina Love comes in. It seems like the money match that this is all building to so hopefully it pays off in the end and they get to compete with solid time given! Overall though, I enjoyed the six person tag and I’m really liking how Ring Ka King operates in building these feuds up a little.

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