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Ring Ka King Write-Up (February 5th, 2012): Alissa Flash vs Mickie James

Welcome one and all to your first ever Ring Ka King Write-Up, a spin-off of our regular Impact Write-Up, and boy, what a ladies match we have to kick things off.

First of all, for those who do not know, “Ring Ka King” is a promotion set up by TNA and production company Endemol that takes place in India for an electric crowd who may not get to see wrestling first hand very often. The show airs on the Colors network in India, and features many notable names including some you’ve previously seen reported here. Well, it pleases me to say that the match I get to recap tonight is between two women who pretty much everyone that likes female wrestling knows about, that being Mickie James and Alissa Flash (Cheerleader Melissa to some not familiar with her TNA persona). Will the current Knockout best the former? Or can Alissa topple Mickie and prove her greatness to the rabid Indian fans? Let’s find out!

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We head to the pretty amazing looking arena as that oh-so familiar (and heavily missed) theme music of Alissa Flash hits. She walks out from the back and executes her finest pose on the stage, before strutting down to the ring and stepping inside. Suddenly, her posing is cut off by a sound that I know very well from Thursday nights… HARRRDDCURRRRRRR COUUNNNTREEHHHHHHH!~ Out skips our favorite country lass, Mickie James, rocking some of her old WWE gear and looking as great as ever. She slides into the ring and poses for the fans, as I take notice of the referee’s green striped shirt. Anyways, the bell sounds and we get things started!

The two lock up, as Mickie takes control with an arm lock until Alissa reverses it and wrenches on the wrist. James with a one armed cartwheel, but Alissa knows this move all too well as she slams Mickie down to the canvas by the hair and chokes her with her boot. Flash Irish whips Mickie, but James slides under the legs, snapmares her over, and charges with a running dropkick! Mickie connects with some punches, as she is sent into the corner and elbows a running Flash. Legs up..and yes! She scores with the Mick-A-Rana! James follows it up with a clothesline, and heads to the top rope before Alissa snaps her off.

Flash begins to pound Mickie’s head into the ring canvas, before choking her using the bottom rope and then transitioning it into a boot choke. Flash starts to toy with Mickie, but she just ends up pissing her off it looks, as James starts to go off. She runs off the ropes until Alissa scores with a HUGE boot to the face for a two count. This sparks Alissa to apply a very unique submission that looks both amazing and painful. James somehow manages to slide to the bottom rope, but she just can not mount a comeback yet. Alissa looks to go for a Samoan Drop, but Mickie escapes out the back and rolls her up into a bridge for a two count! James ducks a clothesline attempt and charges off the ropes with a few of her own to fire this crowd up. She then scores with the flapjack kip up and begins to head to the top rope!

Flash gets to a vertical base, and Mickie leaps off with the Thesz Press into a split cover for a two count as Alissa gets the shoulder up. James signals that the end is near, but Alissa pokes her in the eye and nails the Samoan Drop! She hooks the leg and only musters a two count. Alissa looks to go for the Emerald Fusion, but Mickie manages to kick her in the gut and plant her with the Mickie-DT! Hook of the leg, and James gets the three count! Mickie celebrates her victory to the ravenous fans, as Alissa plots her revenge for another day.

Thoughts: What a competitive match between Mickie and Alissa. I was completely into this and I thought both women performed great together. It’s a shame that we never saw this on Impact Wrestling, but if this is how they want to present female wrestling to the Indian crowd, then it’s fine by me! I like the idea of Alissa being their top female heel, and Mickie being their fan favorite since she’s one of the most notable names in women’s wrestling today. The only fault I have with this is that Ring Ka King doesn’t air on my own TV because this is the type of match I would love to watch on a larger screen!

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