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Ring Ka King Write-Up (March 11th, 2012): Angelina Love Debuts, Puts Raisha Saeed on Notice

Welcome everybody to another edition of the Ring Ka King Write-Up! We’ve recently been enjoying a fun feud between Mickie James and Raisha Saeed, but all of that is about to change for the Indian based promotion!

Assuming that Raisha’s hotel beatdown was so brutal that Mickie James hopped aboard the first flight back to the United States, she has instead sent fellow TNA Knockout, Angelina Love to fill her place! What sort of trouble will Angelina get into on her first episode for Ring Ka King? Let’s find out!

We head to the ring where our stunning announcer, Kubra Sait informs the Indian audience that they will see talent from all over the world… and with that being said, she welcomes the debuting, Angelina Love! Angelina’s Beautiful People style titantron hits, and out walks the blonde bombshell to a outstanding ovation from the crowd. Love blows a kiss to the camera, before climbing up into the ring and waving to her adorning fans. Kubra questions how Angelina’s feelings about being here in Ring Ka King, to which she replies how excited she is to be here. From there, Love asks the live crowd how excited they are to be here, and after a sensational response, adds that she can not wait to give all of her love to India and Ring Ka King! Kubra thanks Angelina for stopping by and instructs the fans to give it up for Angelina. Love then poses on the turnbuckle and we come to a close with her introduction segment.

(Skip to 12:18 in the same video.) During a tag team match pitting The Sheiks (with Raisha Saeed) against Romeo Rapta and Maxx B, one of the Sheiks beckons for Raisha to aid them in victory. She hops onto the ring apron and tries to pull something out of her boot to hand off, but before she can complete this, out runs Angelina Love to yank her off the apron and to the floor! Angelina and Raisha go at it ringside, which sparks Romeo Rapta to roll one of the Sheiks up for the victory and the six individuals stare off. After some celebrating, Romeo grabs Angelina’s hand and proceeds to kiss it, sparking one of the amazing commentators to go, “What’s up, beautiful woman”!~ The two exchange stares with one another, before we head backstage and the segment ends.

Thoughts: This was a lot of fun overall. Even though they seem to be going the same route as they did with Mickie in terms of a six person feud, I love that they changed it up a bit by seemingly having some sort of romance angle involved with Angelina as well. It’s great to see that they made a big deal about her debuting with the company, giving her both an in ring segment and establishing who she will be feuding with. I must say I’m really looking forward to seeing how these two fare against one another, and I love that Ring Ka King is basically giving me the Raisha dream matches I always wanted to see before she parted ways with TNA. More, please!

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