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Ring Ka King Write-Up (March 24th, 2012): Angelina Love and Raisha Saeed Catfight!

Greetings all, and welcome to another Ring Ka King Write Up! Throughout the past few episodes, we have seen the departure of one Mickie James and the introduction of her fellow TNA Knockout, Angelina Love! One woman has withstood the test of time though, and that is Raisha Saeed. She left Mickie James battered in her hotel room, and now that Angelina has entered the fray, these two look to begin their own heated feud. On last week’s episode, they each managed one team of four men, and not only that, but also break out in a good old fashioned… ahem, CATFIGHT! CAAAATFIGHHTTT!

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In the midst of this four on four tag team bout, Daivari goes for an Irish Whip, but his opponent counters into a unique back body drop/northern lights suplex type move. Suddenly, Raisha hops onto the ring apron and distracts the lime green shirt wearing referee from making what would be the winning pin attempt. Daivari then pulls out some Twin Magic with his brother behind all of their backs, and when the wrestler turns back around, Daivari’s brother rolls him up for the victory! The Sheiks… and wait a minute? Is that Eugene playing a doctor? Oh lord…

Anyways, they all continue to cheer on their win when out of nowhere hops both Raisha and Angelina into the ring. Angelina then takes Saeed down with a huge spear! The two women tear the house down with a huge brawl inside the ring, much to the Indian fans celebration. It takes all eight men to separate these two, and even that takes some time in doing so. Good god they want to destroy one another! Romeo Rapta takes Angelina to the back as the Sheiks tend to the fallen Raisha and try to help her regain her composure.

Thoughts: Short but sweet segment to continue building this feud up. I’m excited to see what they do in their ultimate face off, considering what we saw last week between Angelina and Alyssa was nothing short of tremendous. There’s not much else to say really since the segment was so short, but I love when wrestling promotions use all out brawls that require two people to be separated because it can really add to a feud and give it that personal feeling as opposed to just happening to happen. Continue bringing on the goods Ring Ka King!

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