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Ring Ka King Write-Up (March 4th, 2012): Raisha Saeed Provides Mickie James Some Room Service

Welcome to another Ring Ka King Write-Up from yours truly!~ Given that we discovered last week the women of the Indian based promotion can be featured two times a week since they air new episodes on both Saturday and Sunday, it’s only fitting to continue this treacherous feud between Mickie James and Raisha Saeed. No match took place, but what we did get was a pretty uniquely done segment between the two that takes place in — wait for it — Mickie James’ hotel room! If that doesn’t entice you enough, I don’t know what will so let’s get to reviewing!

Skip to 13:12

We head backstage to see one of the Sheiks, along with Raisha Saeed standing in front of a custom type camera which we can assume is being operated by the other member of the team. Daivari then claims that it’s time for he, Mustafa (Hey, Lion King!), and Raisha to teach Mickie a lesson. After some brilliant commentary, he and Raisha head down the hallway and proceed to knock on Mickie’s door claiming to be room service. We hear James scream out that she didn’t order any, but the two do not let up on the situation. Finally she unlocks the door and Daivari basically kicks it in on her! Raisha leaps onto Mickie and begins pounding away at her on the bed! One commentator lets out a big “WHOAAAA” as Raisha DRILLS Mickie’s face into the wall near by. James screams out in horror, but Saeed does not let up! Daivari claims that she’s now learned a valuable life lesson, stating next time it will be much, much worse!

Thoughts: Oh my! My recap from the previous show stated how Raisha and Mickie’s feud was basically what I expected it to be, and it seems as if they saw that and decided to switch things up with quite the unexpected. (Yes, I know this was recorded far beyond my words ever hitting the Internet, but I like to believe I had an impact!) I thought the segment, while brief, was great. I don’t seem to recall one like it in mainstream female wrestling, although I’m kind of puzzled as to where this leads. I assumed their singles match was the blow off to this feud and that Angelina Love would be debuting after, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

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