Friday, August 19, 2022

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SmackDown Women’s Title match set for Fastlane

Going into Smackdown Live!, Charlotte Flair had the upper hand on the Riott Squad. She had ripped through Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. On this week’s episode (Feb 20th), she teamed up with fellow friends Naomi and Becky Lynch to tag against the Riott Squad.

The match starts off in the same fashion as last weeks left off. Flair and Logan start the matchup as they lock up for a few moments. Flair then pushes Logan to her corner and taunts Riott by saying, “Let’s go Ruby…Ruby come on…you wanna face me?”. Flair and Logan lock up again only for Flair to get her down on the mat and into a headlock. Flair then tags in Naomi.

Naomi runs right for Logan only to get knocked down, however, she pops right back up. Logan then goes into several punches to which Naomi dodges each one. Naomi hits the ropes and then slides underneath Logan, jumps over her, and then kicks her right in the hamstring. Naomi drags Logan to her corner, and tags in Lynch.

Lynch gets some offense with leg drops on Logan and goes for a pin, Logan kicks out at one. Logan gets to tag in Riott and they attempt to do a double suplex on Lynch but she slips out. Naomi comes in (without being tagged) and together with Lynch, does a double dropkick on Riott and Logan. Morgan then comes in to try to help and gets double teamed by Naomi and Lynch only to walk right into a clothesline by Flair.

As Smackdown comes back from a break, the two legal women are Lynch and Riott. Lynch has the upper-hand as the crowd chants her name. Lynch promptly tags in Naomi and Riott tags in Morgan. Morgan tries for a quick roll up and fails. Morgan and Naomi square off nicely. They both run into each other a couple times, but neither lady fell to the mat.

Naomi goes for a clothesline, but Morgan does the matrix move to get out of it. Morgan tries to capitalize by hitting Naomi with a clothesline of her own but misses. Naomi then gives her a kick to the midsection, follows it up with a running bulldog to the second turnbuckle and then into a split legged moonsault. Morgan is then pulled out of the ring by the rest of the squad. Naomi flies over the top rope onto Logan and Riott and takes them down on the outside. Morgan then throws Naomi into the steel steps before getting her back in the ring. Morgan goes for a pin, but Naomi kicks out.

Logan then tags in to face Naomi. Logan keeps Naomi on the mat as Naomi tries to battle out. After Naomi gets free from Logan, she tags in Flair. Flair does a double clothesline on Morgan and Riott who are on the apron in their corner. Flair attacks Logan with the chops to the chest and follows it up with a neck breaker. Flair tries to set up Logan with the figure eight, but Morgan distracts her. Logan takes down Flair with several hits to the knee to which Flair gets the tag in for Lynch.

Lynch hits Logan with a missile dropkick, to where Riott is then tagged in. Lynch takes the offense. She gets Riott into an armbar, to which Riott counters and gets her into a pin for the count of 2, but Lynch holds onto the arm and locks it in. Morgan then breaks up the potential submission to avoid a tap out. After a little bit of breaking down from each woman attacking each other in the ring, Riott hits Lynch with the Riott kick and picks up the win.

After the match, Riott rolls to the outside and looks dead straight at Flair in the ring saying, “one down, two to go” and provides a wink at her adversary (mocking Flair from previous weeks).

Later in the evening, it was announced that Riott will face Flair for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Fastlane.

What did you think of the show tonight? Are you excited for Riott vs Flair for the title at Fastlane? Sound off in the comments!!

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