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ROH Recap (September 27th, 2010): Daizee Haze vs Rachel Summerlyn

This week on ROH, Daizee Haze faces off against Rachel Summerlyn. Check it out below:

Skip to 04:00 minute mark

After both women make their way to the ring, they graciously shake hands as the referee calls for the bell. They briefly circle the ring before Daizee secures Rachel into a side head lock. Rachel then slowly backs her up into the turnbuckle, forcing Daizee to break the hold before hitting her with a back elbow. Rachel tries to take advantage of the cheap shot by running to the other turnbuckle and then charging back at Daizee, who gets her feet into the air and knock Rachel down. Daizee gives Rachel time to gather herself and tries to go after her before being taken down by a drop told hold.

Rachel then applies a headlock of her own to Daizee. They both get to their feet when Daizee tries to squat down and break the hold, but Rachel counters it into a wristlock. She is able to keep the hold on for about a minute before Daizee does a front roll and reverses the wrist lock on to Rachel. She then twists Rachel’s arm and flips her on her back while keeping the arm hold applied. Daizee switches the hold to where she is able to put more pressure on the upper arm of Rachel before putting her in another headlock.

Rachel punches Daizee in the gut in attempt to escape the hold, but decides to swing Daizee’s arm into the suplex position. She hooks Daizee’s leg, trying to give her the fisherman duplex, but Daizee keeps herself grounded. Realizing that the fisherman suplex wasn’t going to work, Rachel settles for the swinging neck breaker. She keeps the leg hooked for the pin, but Daizee kick out at two.

After the failed pin attempt, Rachel stalks Daizee to the nearest turnbuckle, delivering a kick and a couple shots to the face. Rachel irish whips Daizee to the opposite turnbuckle, charges after her, but Daizee moves out of the way causing her to run into the turnbuckle chest first. Daizee takes this opportunity to roll Rachel up for the pin. After going after Daizee again, Rachel is taken down by the legs from Daizee going for another pin, but Rachel is able to bridge and get her shoulders off the canvas. The two women spend a good amount of time with their arms hooked, back to back, trying to force each other into a pin, but Rachel is the winner of this “test of strength” as she is able to hit the Gory Bomb on Daizee.

Rachel thought for sure she was going to get the win in her ROH debut, but Daizee kicks out! Daizee gets some time to get back to her feet while Rachel questions the ref about the count and kicks her in the midsection followed by a couple of chops. Rachel chops her back and pushes her up against the rope for an irish whip, but Daizee reverses, kicks Rachel in the midsection before running back to the ropes and coming back with the Yakuza kick. She then tries to pick up Rachel from behind for what looks to be a belly to back suplex. Rachel plants her feet further onto the mat for resistance following a sit down and rolling Daizee up for the pin.

Daizee kicks out of the pin goes for a headlock. Rachel quickly counters it and tries to go for the big back body drop. Daizee flips over onto her feet before giving Rachel the Heart Punch following the German Suplex for the win.

A much more competitive match than last week’s, wasn’t it? It really doesn’t surprise me, though. Rachel Summerlyn is a very solid wrestler who continues to get better and better each time I see her. Could this be something we see more of in coming weeks? Well, if you haven’t read or heard about the blog Daizee wrote on the ROH website, Daizee talks about her and Sara Del Rey wanting more women coming into ROH and challenging them. All signs are certainly pointing that way. Do you recall the last time these two made a similar challenge in CHIKARA? Let’s hope history repeats itself and they get what they ask for.

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