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Roundtable (Aug. 6, 2009): Michelle-less SD, 4 Knockout Feuds Too Many?


This week on the Roundtable: This week’s Diva Dirt Roundtable features Melanie, Erin and Steven [Tiffany was absent this week but pre-recorded some segments] as we discuss the possibility of a SmackDown without it’s Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool. Plus the four Knockouts feuds in TNA — too many? And which one we find the most interesting. This week we also tried out a new idea, the ‘Roundtable Quiz’. And as always, your comments & questions!

To listen to the Roundtable directly on the website, just click on the play button below. You can also download the Diva Dirt Roundtable via iTunes to put on your iPod/iPhone or download the MP3 file from a third party website.

Note: Contains spoilers on future WWE/TNA shows.

Run Time: 1:05:42
[iTunes | Download | File size: 60.17mb]

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