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Royal Rumble Kickoff Results: Nia overthrows The Boss

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So, Sasha Banks arrives first to the ring, showing her usual Legit Boss swagger and much confidence. Then enters Nia Jax with just as much attitude and confident verve. Both give each other a staredown before Nia enters the ring. Automatically, the match looks much more in Nia’s favor – Sasha charges towards Nia but Nia does a quick duck and picks Sasha up, sending her towards the ropes.

Sasha beats Nia with her arm while on the ropes but this isn’t enough. Sasha tries charging towards Nia again, but Nia picks her up once more and sends her to the ropes. Sasha does a double knee to Nia’s midsection while Nia is on the ropes, but once again Nia picks Sasha up after a few moments. Nia charges after Sasha but she deflects. Sasha starts slapping Nia’s chest. Sasha goes to the top of the ropes and leaps, but Nia catches her and sends Sasha right on her back and knocks the wind out of her.

Nia then sends Sasha flying to the ground and then sends her to the ground again after Sasha tries to get up. Nia then screams “I’m the boss!” making her own statement.

Sasha tries to conquer with her signature Bank Statement. However, Nia breaks free. Nia gives one blow to Sasha’s bad knee, which sends Sasha to the ground in pain. Nia picks Sasha up, holding her like a ragdoll in a submission move and Sasha kicks Nia and continues to do so outside the ring. Sasha climbs up top double knees and tries to pin Nia down. Nia kicks out.

A pop-up Samoan drop by Nia ultimately seals the deal for her win.

What did you think of the match?

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