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Rumble Rewind: Kharma Enters the Royal Rumble Match (2012)


Ahead of tonight’s Royal Rumble pay per view, we take a look back at last year’s history-making moment featuring Kharma.

My favorite Royal Rumble moment is one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Cast your minds back to January 29th, 2012 (so not very far) and I’m sure you all remember where you were and what you were doing when us Diva fans got a monumental shock to the system in the Royal Rumble match itself. I was at my university halls and the internet wasn’t working in my room or in the living room, so I was sat in the corridor, beanbag and duvet in tow to keep me comfy, when little did I know I’d be far from sitting comfortable in just a few moments, I’d be jumping around like a raving lunatic, or AJ Lee, whichever you prefer.

I had tried to keep the noise level to a minimum to allow my other flatmates to sleep soundly during the 1-4am time slot but I was beginning to struggle when I saw Ricardo Rodriguez enter the Rumble match in what can only be described as a ‘banger’ of a car. To top that off, Diva Dirt’s very own Melanie was waiting to see who she had picked in the Twitter sweepstakes-style game. She got Jinder Mahal. It’s safe to say some laughing ensued. Then Michael Cole entered the Rumble at Number 20. Just before the next entrant was announced, Jerry Lawler uttered words that are now immortally burned into my soul: “Somebody get in there and get him!”

(Skip to 34:10)

“MUHAHAHAHAHA.” Oh. My. God number one. I was now doing my best Daniel Bryan impression as Kharma herself was on her way to the ring. The reaction she got was spine-tingling and the reaction I got from my flatmates was “SHUT THE HELL UP!” I didn’t care, I was raising the roof just as much as the Scottrade Center was and I wasn’t quieting down anytime soon! So many questions were circling in my head. How is Kharma back? Who will she eliminate? Will she be returning full-time? Do I keep myself glued to the screen or do I get on Twitter and let everyone know I’m having a major wrestle-gasm? I believe something along the lines of “UOSGWGBGMWBSN” was what I tweeted and after that, I was just transfixed to the match. I couldn’t quite decipher what Booker T was waffling about on commentary but it involved “dawg” and “chicken bone” and we all know Kharma looked at Alicia Fox like a chicken bone that one time on SmackDown, so did that mean the former Awesome Kong had her eyes set on Michael Cole, the man who makes Don West look like Gorilla Monsoon?

A wicked clothesline followed as Kharma made Michael Cole squeal! He jumped over the top-rope with his tail between his legs and then Lawler and Booker T wiped the carpet with him and knocked him to the ground. Was that it? Erm, of course not! Kharma was turned around by Dolph Ziggler who demanded that she got out the ring. The former two-time Knockouts Champion had no time for that and proceeded to kick him in the gut and deliver an Implant Buster! Oh. My. God #2. Was what I had just witnessed perhaps the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen? Sunsets and double rainbows have nothing on that fantastic moment. Then, Vickie Guerrero got on the apron and mouthed off before Kharma scared her into stepping down. Oh WWE, you tease!

Finally, after Kharma had excused (pun intended) Vickie from the apron, she turned round to be confronted by Hunico (side-note: I absolutely love him and its criminal that he was so underutilized before his injury). The luchador then did some high-flying he hadn’t bargained for as Kharma gorilla pressed him over the top rope. Oh. My. God #3. Then, my world crumbled around me as Dolph Ziggler eliminated the Diva Destroyer from the Rumble match.

Who knew that 1 minute and 45 seconds could produce so many memorable moments? Joey Styles will have been hyperventilating to say the least! Whilst expectations were raised regarding Kharma’s return, this moment was more than enough for me. It was completely unexpected, the crowd were loving it and WWE delivered. Whilst my flatmates didn’t sleep as soundly as they had hoped, I definitely did!

Who knows what will happen at this year’s Rumble? Will another Diva be ready to rumble?

Listen to Kharma talk about her Rumble appearance

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