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Saraya Knight ‘Proud’ of Paige, Talks Possible TV Series

knightsSaraya Knight has spoken to The Sun newspaper in the UK and has expressed how proud she is of her NXT Diva daughter, Paige.

Paige, formerly known as Britani Knight, signed a WWE deal back in September 2011 and is one of the most popular stars, male or female, on the NXT roster.

Saraya was present when Paige got the news of her developmental deal, and she recalled the happy moment.

She said: “I was there when Britani [Paige] was told. It was amazing, she was bouncing off the walls. We as a family were buzzing for her, but inside we all knew we would have to lose her to the States.”

“We knew she was going to be huge and are so proud. Now it is the rest of the world’s turn to find that out.”

The current Shimmer Champion also talked about the TV show ‘The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family’ that her, Paige and the rest of the Knights appeared on and the possibility that the one-off special could be turned into a whole series.

Sweet Saraya said: “The documentary came about when the producer/director Max Fisher contacted us. He is a huge fan of Ricky’s [Saraya’s husband] and wanted to do something with him.”

“The upcoming WWE trials made it interesting too. I’d love to see it released on DVD, but for now it looks like it may become a series.”

Thoughts: Well I would definitely love to see a whole series made of the Knight family’s careers. Whilst the documentary did paint the family in a condescending light at times, it was incredibly interesting and Saraya came across as proud, genuine mother who had to struggle with missing her daughter because of the career that she introduced Paige to. I personally would love to see the cameras following Saraya across America. Let’s hope Channel 4 commission it!

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