Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Sasha Banks officially becomes a double champion as she wins the RAW Women’s Title

The controversial ending to the RAW Women’s Championship match from Extreme Rules is now a matter of the past as Sasha Banks is now officially champion.

With Bayley unofficially counting to three with the referee’s shirt on, Stephanie McMahon stated there wasn’t a conclusive winner at Extreme Rules. Banks didn’t win and neither did Asuka. So on tonight’s RAW, Banks and Asuka squared off to see who is rightfully the RAW Women’s Champion.

In order to make sure there was a clear winner this time around, McMahon made the official stipulation that the title will change hands via pinfall, submission, count-out, disqualification, or if anyone interferes in the match *ahem Bayley*.

Both Bayley and Kairi Sane accompanied their tag team partners to the ring, but as the match gets ready to start, Sane chased Bayley up the ramp and to the backstage area.

Moments into the match at things tended to heat up, Banks has Asuka with a single-legged crab on her damaged left leg. After Banks provides separation she stomps on the leg and tries to tie up her opponent but kicks her out of the ring. Banks is now at ringside and demanding her titles. The referee starts to count her out. As Banks realizes she could lose the match that way, she throws the tag title into the ring as a distraction for the official.

As he goes to grab that title, she goes to hit Asuka with the RAW Women’s Title. The referee turns around just in time and Banks throws the title to Asuka and pretends that Asuka hit her with it to try and get her disqualified. The ref doesn’t buy it. Asuka then delivers a swift kick to the back of the head.

Banks gains control again and after a modified DDT she focuses on Asuka’s leg again. She wraps Asuka’s leg around the bottom rope with more shots to the leg. Asuka fights back and attempts to get a hip attack in on the apron but Banks avoids it. The two go back and forth. Banks with a single-leg crab again and Asuka later with an ankle lock.

Moments later, Banks hits a frog splash but Asuka is still able to kick out. Banks transitions into the Bank Statement. Asuka breaks away and goes for an Asuka Lock but is sent over the top rope to the floor. Banks slams Asuka’s leg knee-first into the announce table. Banks returns to the ring as Asuka is down on the floor grasping her leg! Asuka crawls and makes it back in the ring right before the 10 count, in the nick of time. Banks is livid as she argues with the referee and gets in Asuka’s face.

We then see Bayley brawling backstage with Sane on the screen. This fight backstage is distracting to Asuka as she tries to stay focused. Bayley dominates Sane. Asuka is far too distracted about her best friend and tag team partner being decimated by Bayley.

Bayley continued to taunt Sane as she slams her into a garage door and stomps on her. Sane screams out for help. Asuka struggles to decide whether or not to put Banks away or save Sane. Asuka finally decides to go save Sane and rushes to the back causing a count-out. Banks wins the RAW Women’s Championship officially.

The Golden Role Models officially hold all the championship gold on the main roster.

What did you make of this match? Who did you want to walk out of RAW as champion? Discuss in the comment section below!

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