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Sasha Banks Talks Her Dream Match, Getting Inspiration from Beyonce and Kanye West has interviewed NXT Diva Sasha Banks, talking about her favorite wrestler, her character’s look, her dream match with Trish Stratus and more.

Who is Her favorite wrestler?:Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was just so captivating in the ring. He wasn’t the biggest, but you could see it in his eyes that he believed he was. CM Punk may call himself The Best in the World, but to me, Eddie is the best of all time.”

The inspiration behind her character’s wardrobe: “I just do me, though I do like what Beyoncé and Kanye bring to the table. I have my own custom designer who brings my visions to life. I have so many ideas for different outfits and luckily he’s good enough to keep up with all the designs that I need. As a matter of fact, I have a special idea for the NXT live debut on WWE Network Feb. 27. But you’re just gonna have to stay tuned to see that work of art.”

If she could face one former Diva, who would it be?: “There are so many Divas who have come and gone who have left their mark in WWE: Ivory, Jazz, Lita, etc. … Ric Flair says, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man,” so if I had to choose one, it’d be the Diva who most people would consider the greatest Diva of all time, Trish Stratus. The only reason I’d choose her is because I know in my heart that I can put her down.”

Why she pursued a career in wrestling: “Simple. It’s all I ever wanted to do. I was meant to be in WWE. Growing up, I knew kids who wanted to be doctors and lawyers. Because Snoop Dogg is my cousin, I was pressured into pursuing music and acting but I never had those kinds of dreams. I only dreamt of being a sports entertainer. It was and is the greatest form of entertainment in my mind.”

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