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Shayna Baszler Crashes Through Table During Contract Signing

Shayna Baszler is focused more than ever to capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship at the upcoming Clash at the Castle event.

Baszler has every intention of taking the gold from Liv Morgan on Sept. 3, but we still have a few weeks to get there. On the Aug. 12 episode of SmackDown a contract signing between the two broke down and it would be Baszler who ended up through a table by the end of the segment.

Before the signing takes place, Ronda Rousey returns. She hasn’t been seen for a couple of weeks as she was fined and suspended due to her actions at SummerSlam. She returns with a bag of money to pay her fine saying that she can afford it as she doubled the payment. Because Rousey is supposed to be suspended, there was an attempt to escort her out of the arena.

She would eventually make her way up the ramp where she came crossing paths with Baszler who was making her way to the ring. Baszler said that Rousey can’t be doing what she is doing because that is not how the place works. You need to play by the rules to get what you want. Rousey’s response was that Baszler “used to be a killer.”

Baszler would continue to the ring and take to the mic to start the contract signing. As she signs the contract, she says that Liv Morgan is the next one to fall and that she will tear her apart limb by limb or even put her to sleep. She will step over Morgan’s lifeless carcass and become the SmackDown Women’s Champion in Cardiff.

Morgan entered the ring. She still has on an arm brace following the attack from Rousey at SummerSlam. Morgan says that Baszler won’t beat her and that she is a bootleg, Ronda Rousey. She says she knows this because she beat Rousey twice and at Cardiff, she will beat Baszler also. After Morgan signs the contract, Baszler goes on the attack and targets the injured arm of Morgan. Eventually, Morgan would deliver a bulldog out of the corner to put Baszler through the table.

For more on this week’s SmackDown, you can see that here.

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