Sunday, December 3, 2023

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SHIMMER Tag Team Title match will main event at SHIMMER 114

It was recently posted on SHIMMER’s Twitter account that the main event of their next show will be for the tag team titles. The current champions are Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez and they will be defending their gold against SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy and Big Swole.

The current champions have held the belts since October 2018 during Volume 107 when they defeated the then-champions (Totally Tubular Tag Team) in a Fatal Four-way. This match also involved The Blue Nation and The Killer Death Machines.

Big Swole recently attained her first world title as she won the Phoenix of Rise Championship at The Summit in August. Savoy would join her in the ring after her victory to celebrate. She defeated Zoe Lucas who held the title for 134-days. She was also recently featured in the Casino Battle Royale at AEW’s All Out pay-per-view. In that match were also Savoy and Martinez. Martinez entered last in that match as she drew the Joker card.

Savoy is the current SHIMMER Champion where she has held the title since November 2017. As of this writing, she is sitting strong at 668-days. Both Melissa and Martinez are former two-time Shimmer Champions.

Can Savoy and Big Swole capture the tag titles and dethrone the two veterans? Could Savoy become a double champ?

Don’t miss SHIMMER 114 on Nov. 2.

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