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Smackdown 06/26/2018: Becky “Balboa” staying strong

Another Smackdown Live! is in the books. The women weren’t showcased as heavily as they were before Money in the Bank, but we were told about the title match coming up at Extreme Rules PPV in two weeks from this Sunday. We also saw Becky Lynch take on Sonya Deville in a surprise matchup, more on that later.

Naomi and Lana encountered the cast of the Netflix hit show, GLOW, backstage. Zelina Vega continued to “warn” people about her client, and Paige books the SmackDown Women’s title match at Extreme Rules.

Let’s start off with Naomi and Lana backstage. They are squabbling about their previous dance off and Lana is mocking Naomi’s twerking in particular. The GLOW cast comes up to them and they both get excited to see them, more so Naomi. Naomi and the GLOW ladies speak about having the “glow”. Alison Brie who portrays Ruth Wilder, also known as the Russian heel “Zoya the Destroya” did the majority of the talking. Naomi said that Zoya reminds her if Lana.

Zoya (in her Russian accent) bonded with Lana saying that she is a big fan Lana, and they could even be twins. She states that Lana and Naomi should not be fighting and that they should actually be a tag team. Naomi admits Lana is a good dancer and said that if they were to team up that they would be ravishing and snatching their opponents bald. The segment ended with all the ladies yelling out loud then everyone would feel their GLOW!

Here we see General Manager of Smackdown Paige hanging out with the cast of GLOW:

As far as the match for the night it is Becky Lynch vs Pey…..Sonya Deville. The preview for the match of the night showed Lynch squaring off against Peyton Royce, however, that is not what transpired.

In a WWE Exclusive, Lynch is confronted by Deville and Mandy Rose about being “Becky Balboa”:

Lynch took on Deville hoping to continue her momentum with her recent victories. Lynch was able to take down Deville by ultimately getting her into the Dis-Arm-Her and making her tap out. Lynch was able to get the submission due to her tossing Deville into Mandy Rose who was ringside. This distraction was enough for Lynch to take advantage of her opponent. A good moment of the match is when Lynch through Deville over the announcer’s table. When the women take the action outside the ring it gives some hope for potential extreme rules matches.

James Ellsworth made his way down to the ring next. He got in the ring and boasted about how this is a man’s world. He states that he loves and respects women and the feeling is mutual. What he is upset about is that he was not ready for Asuka last week, but he is this week. He called out for Asuka to come out and face him.

Instead of Asuka, Ellsworth had to answer to Paige coming out. Paige made her way to the ring. Once in the ring, Paige announced that Asuka was in Japan visiting her family. She said she found it funny that Ellsworth called out Asuka only after he went running around backstage asking if anyone saw her. Once he knew that she wasn’t there he decided to call her out.

Paige then announced a rematch from Money in the Bank for Extreme Rules. Carmella will be defending her title once again against Asuka at the next PPV. Ellsworth then tried to make a date with Paige. Paige, going along with it, said she would love to have a date with Ellsworth next Tuesday night. After Ellsworth got excited about the date, Paige informed him that it will not be so much of a date as it will be a match. The match next week will be a one on one match with Ellsworth facing Asuka!

Zelina Vega is with her client, Andrade “Cien” Almas, and she is questioning on whether or not the locker room is afraid. A few weeks ago, Almas took out Sin Cara. Vega states that the locker room should be afraid.

Thoughts: Well, I can say that this week’s Smackdown was slightly better than last week’s. I would say that is mainly better due to the fact that the Sonya and Becky match was far better than the Billie and Becky match of last week. I enjoy that they are having Becky win lately, but I would wish it would put her in a title match over Asuka.

I feel as if they are pushing the “extreme” aspect a little lately. I would love to see Becky vs. whomever and FINALLY Bayley vs Sasha if it were to happen in some sort of Extreme Rules stipulation, that would be great. I don’t see it happening as they already have two women’s matches scheduled.

Where was Carmella?!?

I was hoping for something better between Naomi and the GLOW cast, especially with the back and forth on social media. I felt like Naomi was way too happy to see them when she should have been upset.

Lastly, does anyone else wish Almas would just have a real match so we can actually see Zelina more? I know I sure do!!

What did everyone think of this week’s Smackdown? Did you enjoy these weeks match better than last weeks? Would you like to see Becky get a title match? Sound off in the comments below!!!

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