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SmackDown Discussion Post: 12.04.20

There continues to be no real preview for the women of SmackDown as the next pay-per-view is approaching. The main focal point of the blue brand is Carmella‘s return and attack on Sasha Banks (week, after week, after week).

Last week, the SmackDown Women’s Champion finally got some revenge on Carmella as Banks attacked her during her backstage promo. Banks said that she would see Carmella next week, so hopefully, something develops tonight. Seeing the same attack week after week isn’t promising of a quality build.

Other than Banks and Carmella – Bayley and Bianca Belair seems to be entering a feud. Belair picked up an impressive win against Natalya last week with Bayley conniving at ringside. It has been jovial up to this point between the two, but it will just be a matter of moments until they clash.

Lastly, we have seen for weeks Billie Kay showing off her resume. Ever since moving to SmackDown, she hasn’t found her place. She didn’t qualify for the Survivor Series team and she is wanting to find someone who will take a chance on her. It looks like she may have to speak to Adam Pearce who took to Twitter saying it was suggested that he gets an assistant. Could this work out for Kay?

As always, feel free to discuss tonight’s show in the comment section below.

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