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SmackDown Redux (March 7th, 2014): The Champ Taps

Hello everyone, and welcome to the SmackDown Redux! This week, veteran Diva Natalya takes her fellow Total Diva Eva Marie into battle against Tamina Snuka and Divas Champion AJ Lee. Can Team Total Divas overthrow the champ? Check out the match below:

We kick off the festivities with Eva Marie and Natalya already in the ring, sharing a moment. AJ and Tamina are out next and our Divas match is underway.

Tamina and Eva Marie start for their teams, and the rookie Diva is quickly overpowered by Tamina. Eva gets back into the fight with a shoulder tackle, followed by a armdrag, but Tamina traps her in the corner and tags in AJ.

AJ and Tamina cut the ring off, isolating the upstart Diva from her partner, but Eva manages to squirm out of a chokehold from the champion and tags in Natalya, who comes in swinging.

Natalya unleashes a huge offensive flurry on AJ, ending in a beautiful Michinoku Driver, but before she can get the pin, Tamina gets involved and is quickly taken care of by a discus clothesline from Nattie. AJ uses the distraction to her advantage and goes for a rollup, but Nattie reverses it into the Sharpshooter to pick up the win.

Thoughts: So I’m guessing the Funkadactyls feud is dropped for right now, and Natalya is picking up the slack. Honestly, I think that an AJ vs. Natalya match could be a showstealer at WrestleMania, so I really hope that’s the direction WWE is going.

As for this match, it wasn’t horrible by any means, but I definitely don’t think Eva Marie is ring ready at this point. To her credit, she’s been thrown into WWE head first, much like Kaitlyn was circa NXT3, and has to learn on the fly, but putting in some hours at the Performance Center couldn’t hurt. I feel like Eva Marie had the potential to be good in the ring someday, but as of now, I could think of several NXT Divas who deserve her spot.

Well, that’s all for this week. Until next time!

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