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SmackDown Redux (November 19th, 2010): Well That Was Special And A Super Way To Build Up A Match

Tonight on SmackDown…

Still smarting from their humiliation this past Monday on Raw, Michelle McCool and Layla looked for redemption in the form of tag team action against their number one rival, Natalya, and her partner (again), Kelly Kelly. With Lay-Cool haters and Mae Young not around, Lay-Cool look to regain the upperhand on their way to this Sunday’s pay-per-view extravaganza. But if history remains true, then Natalya should come out victorious and on top, right?

Lets see…

Layla and Michelle McCool are in the ring as SmackDown returns from break. They are posing with their championships and checking their reflections. Eventually their music fades and is replaced by Natalya’s theme. She makes her way to the ring with her tag team partner for this evening, Kelly Kelly, and they’re being their face best with happy smiles. They’re even holding hands.

Layla and Kelly are set to begin the match of course, Layla and Michelle just have to throw in a few Smelly Kelly references. The bell rings and the girls lock up. They jostle for position with Kelly backing Layla into the ropes. Layla forces her foe back and looks to land a decisive kick, but Kelly puts a stop to that and fires back with a nice looking forearm shot. Layla is whipped across the ring and taken down with a Thesz Press from Kelly. Kelly slams her opponent’s head into the ground a few times and then picks up Layla. She locks her arm around Layla’s neck and backs her into the corner. Natalya gets the tag.

Kelly hangs on to Layla long enough for Nattie to get a nice kick in and then she goes to whip Layla into the ropes. Layla hangs on and runs over to tag Michelle who is all to reluctant to get inside that ring. Michelle begs Natalya to hang on a minute so she can get into the ring but Nattie isn’t listening. She jerks the champ in by her hair and throws her into the ropes. Michelle tries to turn around but Natalya ends up grabbing her and tossing her over her head. Michelle lands ridiculously hard on her back and crumples up in pain. Natalya goes for a cover but Michelle kicks out after two.

Once the girls are back to their feet, Michelle starts to fight back. She gets forced towards the rope but Nattie responds with a kick to the mid-section and the Florida State Seminole drops to her knees. Nattie is looking to capitalize and while she goes for it, Michelle is able to make the tag to Layla. Natalya rolls up Michelle but Layla comes to the rescue. Natalya drops Michelle and swings wildly at Layla, but the Brit manages to duck. She regroups with her bestie and they lay out Natalya with a gorgeous double superkick to the jaw. Layla goes for the cover and Lay-Cool pick up the victory, as well as the momentum heading towards Survivor Series.

Random Observations: Well that was something to say the least. It’s kind of embarrassing that what we got on Raw last longer than this, but nonetheless. The entire two seconds of action that took place was pretty good. I like the fact Natalya took the pinfall, rather than Kelly. That alone should fuel Natalya’s motivation going into Sunday’s Survivor Series showcase. I hope the shortness of this match was done on purpose as to not give to much away come Sunday. It’s going to be interesting to see how Natalya fares against not one, but two competitors come Survivor Series. Lay-Cool is definitely going to have the advantage as they can go for quick tags in and out. Natalya will have no one to rely on… or will she?

You all know I love to invent wild, random scenarios (that somehow come true…) and it would not surprise me whatsoever to see Beth Phoenix make her return come Sunday. I just don’t see Natalya being able to contend with both members of devious duo so of course someone would just have to show up and help her win and with Beth in Florida this weekend it’s not so far fetched to think that the Glamazon could show up and assist Natalya in getting the big W. Of course, this is probably just a pipe dream but hey. Dreams do come true. And this Sunday, I’m dreaming of a Natalya title win with some help from Beth. Their tag team would be a dream and yes, I could see it leading to a feud into the New Year which would hopefully culminate in a match at the grandest stage of them all!

But first things first…

Survivor Series. No need to look so far ahead down the road when the ‘E is consistant when it comes to dropping the ball. But you know, this month I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. I think this match is going to be the moment Natalya fans have been waiting for. And I truly hope that we get more than a two minute match like we got tonight. Such a disappointing build for a huge title match, but at least there was something.

And something is better than nothing, right?

P.S. Did anyone else find it completely hilarious that Kelly was flipping out on the apron while Natalya was being pinned? Why not just run into the ring? Oh WWE.

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