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SmackDown Redux (November 21st, 2014): AJ Gives the Bellas Triple Trouble

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux. This week on the blue brand, Divas Champion, AJ Lee goes head to head with Brie Bella, while the #1 contender Nikki Bella watches on. Can AJ gain some momentum going into her title match at Survivor Series? Check out the match below:

We kick off our Divas segment with Brie and Nikki already in the ring, and we’re treated to a recap of Monday Night Raw, where Brie (dressed as AJ) picked up a win over her sister in an exhibition match, and the bedlam that ensued afterward. Out next is… AJ… Bella?!

AJ comes out to the ring decked out in full Nikki Bella attire with some noticeable… enhancements. Obviously, Nikki is not very happy, and tries to attack AJ before she can execute that iconic Bella backflip over the top rope. On the other hand, Brie is pretty amused by AJ’s antics, much to Nikki’s displeasure. The referee signals for the bell and our Divas match is underway!

The two Diva lock up, but AJ quickly disengages to… um… adjust herself? They go to lock up again, but Brie quickly locks in a waistlock from behind, prompting AJ to use her newly acquired assets to escape from the hold and lock in a submission of her own. Brie tries to escape by whipping AJ off the ropes, but AJ goes right back to the side headlock, this time taking Brie down to the canvas.

Brie escapes the hold with a headscissors, but gets kicked right in the gut for her trouble. AJ whips Brie into the corner, and charges right into a elbow to the face, losing her momentum. Brie takes advantage, slamming the champion’s face into the turnbuckle, while Nikki barks orders from ringside. Brie tries to keep up her assault, AJ evades a clothesline and slams Bries face into the turnbuckle to even the score, followed by a unique attack, using her recent enhancements.

AJ then straddles Brie, and lays some stiff forearms, before pulling out one of her cutlets, and beating the holy hell out of her with it. Never thought I’d see that in WWE… Unfazed, Brie seamlessly rolls into a half Boston Crab, looking to make the champ tap, but AJ manages to reach the bottom rope.

Before Brie can go back on offense AJ locks in a guillotine choke, which Brie manages to fight out of quickly with a few shoulder blocks, but AJ comes backs with a flurry of her signature offense for a near fall. Not to be outdone, Brie comes right back at AJ with a few of her signature moves for a near fall of her own. Nikki jump on the apron, inadvertently distracting her sister from the task at hand. AJ takes advantage, shoving Brie into Nikki and rolling Brie up for the win.

Thoughts: A pretty good back and forth match from these two, if you ask me. While I’m still not that blown away by the storyline progression, I’m still looking forward to AJ vs Nikki this Sunday. Coincidentally, Brie’s indentured servitude ends right after Survivor Series, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see her be forced to help Nikki win the title, and end up challenging her for it afterwards, but let’s saves that for the prediction post, shall we?

Well, that’s it for guys. Until next time…

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