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SmackDown Redux (November 29th, 2016): The winner takes it all

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The tables are set, and the ladies of SmackDown are ready for what’s the come this Sunday at TLC. With two explosive feuds (most likely) coming to an end, SmackDown is doing what they do best, and that’s telling stories. The four ladies brought out their big guns this week, and it all started with a contract signing.

At the start of the show, Renee Young introduces the two competitors but is soon sent to the back by Alexa Bliss. Somehow Young’s “bad fashion” isn’t acceptable enough for the number one contender.

The contract signing starts off with Bliss bringing up the alleged facts that Becky Lynch has tried to avoid fighting her for a while. She also insinuates that Lynch couldn’t possibly be smart enough to do that as she doesn’t have the capabilities of coming up with a plan. She then goes on to say that she would be champion if the referee wasn’t “blind.” And though she claims the WWE Universe agrees with her, their boos say otherwise.

In response, Becky tells Alexa that she reminds her of her constant Niamh. Both comparisons are blonde, have an unhealthy obsession with glitter, and cry and moan when they don’t get what they want. Niamh is also revealed to be four years old. Rude! Becky follows this by saying that in Glasgow Alexa had the choice to lose her foot or her arm. But at TLC, Becky swears that Alexa won’t have a choice at all – and she proceeds to sign the contract. Alexa then proceeds by saying that her fantasy world of being nice to everybody and it can get her far is a hoax. But before Alexa can continue, Becky says that being nice didn’t get her into the biggest women’s match at Wrestlemania, have her become the first woman drafted to SmackDown Live, or have her become the Women’s champion. She believes that she managed to accomplish all of this by being relentless, and she is SmackDown’s version of the honey badger. Lynch then compares herself to Alexa who, in her eyes, has only managed to get “multi-colored lips, some good sound bytes on Talking Smack, and a victim’s mentality.” Go in, Becky! And whilst Becky speaks, Alexa fake pukes as somehow, every time she hears her speak, Alexa feels like she’s going to vomit. She then rips into Lynch a little more by poking fun of her fairytale hopes and dreams and signs the contract. But of course, this is a contract signing. And things have to get a little brutal… So Becky punches her across the face and performs the Bexplex on her. And as she places Bliss on the top rope to put her through the table, Alexa reverses the maneuver by pushing the champion away, leaving her crashing through the wood.

Becky is then seen icing her back as Renee Young approaches her. The Women’s champion says that she doesn’t care what her injury may be, she will defend her title at TLC. And once Renee announces that Alexa challenged her to a tables match, Becky says that she does not care what the stipulation is, she’ll get her revenge on “that little b*tch” regardless.

During a SmackDown Fallout video, Alexa anchors her words by saying that she will put Becky through as many tables as it takes to get the victory. She states that after Becky’s cheap shot tonight, she will learn not to mess with her again after the upcoming humiliation at TLC.

On Talking Smack, Becky speaks to Renee Young and The Miz about her upcoming match. She believes that though Bliss is tough, she isn’t on her level as she hasn’t achieved the same amount. Lynch also ensures that we all know that she will go “through hell and back” to keep the championship. And before anyone can get ahead of themselves, Renee reveals that Daniel Bryan has made the title match at TLC into a tables match.

The conversation then moves onto the RAW women’s division. Becky believes that though the ladies on there are successful and talented, the opportunities are not coming to SmackDown as they haven’t been televised as much. With the likes of Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks being on television for the past year compared to a recently returning Nikki, newbies from NXT, as well as Naomi and Natalya fitting into their new mind frames/gimmicks, things are a little too fresh on SmackDown for them to achieve the same things as the women of RAW. But she does believe that Sunday is the start of it all, and the history will be made there.

During the night, we also see Carmella come out to address Nikki Bella’s boyfriend John Cena. She apologizes in advance to the man for hitting Nikki so hard in the chest this Sunday that her own “Bella Twins are gonna be popping out of her back.” And as Carmella goes on, Nikki’s theme song blasts through the arena and the Fearless One storms into the ring to spear the Princess of Staten Island straight to the ground. The two brawl for a little while and Nikki ends up getting the upper hand, leaving Carmella to retreat backstage.

Carmella takes to the Fallout (with a black eye and a bump on her head) to discuss Nikki Bella. She tells us that she will give it her all this Sunday so that she can overtake her opponent in the No DQ match.

Thoughts: SmackDown proved yet again how great it is at telling stories with its women’s division. Both of the storylines right now have a legitimate reason behind them, and they’re extremely exciting to watch.

Becky’s title finally feels like the most relevant part of the division. Whilst Nikki has been seen as the highlight in the past, this week we’re made to focus on Becky and Alexa – and that is what we’ve been needing for so long! Both women are so thirsty for the title, and we can see it through their personal digs and their aggressive nature – and who can’t help but love this?

The SmackDown Women’s championship got off to a rocky start with the champ being injured, but we’re finally back to where we need to be. Both Bliss and Lynch brought their A-game this week, and it’s great to see the feud kicking off the show and being given such importance to it. Good on you, SD Live team!

Carmella and Nikki’s feud is also just as exciting. Both women are able to show their aggressive side and this is really putting Carmella over. The crowd are reacting to her (that “how you doin’?” even allowed her to bounce off of something) and she’s managing to garner genuine heat. This feud is doing wonders for both women, and I couldn’t be happier.

One day, both Carmella and Alexa Bliss are going to be huge stars in WWE, and these days will feel so weird to look back on.

What do you think of this week’s episode? Are you excited for TLC? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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