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SmackDown! Shining On – Spoilers 11/04/08

It looks like SmackDown! continues to be the “one to watch” having read this week’s spoilers, which can be found below. Highlight to read:

Victoria introduced Natalia Neidhart. They did a video package on her and put over she was Jim Neidhart’s daughter. She cut a promo and did his trademark laugh. Victoria defeated Michelle McCool after Neidhart distracted her.

Follow the cut for more (contains spoilers):

And that’s how you do it! For those who read my post earlier in the week, you’ll know my stance on the direction of SmackDown!’s women’s division. If you haven’t read it, click here to do so!

As I wrote in that post, I am really liking the direction and logic that SmackDown! lead writer, Michael Hayes is applying to it’s growing women’s division – something that is really lacking on RAW. From the spoilers above, Nattie (or is that Natalia now?) is really going to make an impact for the blue brand. The two things that this segment achieves are exposition and character development, both of which are integral to creating a compelling story and this has the makings of one. The feud between Nattie and Michelle McCool is certainly starting out well and will likely be a “slow burner” over the next few weeks until kicking in to full speed. And hey, when was the last time WWE forked out on a video package for a Diva?! I can’t wait to see where this goes and as I suggested in my post earlier in the week, I hope this leads to SmackDown! getting a spot on pay per view. I can’t wait to see this play out come Friday, kudos to Michael Hayes!

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