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SmackDown Spoilers: August 10th, 2012

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

* Backstage, Eve asked Booker for a job, but he turned her down again. Kaitlyn then asked for a job per Teddy Long and Booker accepted. Eve said that’s not fair and threatened legal action, so Booker booked Eve vs. Kaitlyn next week to determine his assistant.

* Daniel Bryan came out to a huge reaction of Yes! chants in his face. The guy’s gimmick is way over. Bryan, after being barraged by Yes! chants, squatted down in the ring to sell he was overwhelmed by it. Bryan called out AJ, then Kane interrupted to set up their Summerslam match. Suddenly, AJ came out as Booker’s special guest tonight. AJ moved along to Kane and thanked him for treating her well. AJ either forget her lines or was really stretching things out, which lost the crowd. She then told Bryan to prove he doesn’t have anger management and a good sport. He can do that by shaking Kane’s hand. Bryan shouted, “No!” AJ then talked down to Bryan, who extended his hand, but Kane blasted him. A fight broke out before Bryan ran away into the crowd. On-stage, AJ knelt down and laughed like a crazy person before Kane shot off his pyro in the ring.

* [Later in the night] Suddenly, AJ’s music played again. She just skipped out, skipped around the ring, and disappeared to the back. (Source)


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