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SmackDown Spoilers: August 15th, 2014

Below are spoilers for this Friday’s edition of SmackDown, courtesy of Diva Dirt reader Jack:

* Before the match, they aired a clip of Stephanie McMahon talking to Michael Cole in what looked like his weekly sitdown interview for I expect it’ll be released before Friday. In the clip aired for us, Stephanie said she appreciated that Michael was trying to do his job as a reporter and catch her out, but that he was doing a poor job. She said she was going to embarrass Brie on Sunday, and said it didn’t matter if she hasn’t competed in 10, 11 years, she was still going to win. Looked like a convincing solid interview.

AJ Lee out first, skipping as usual. Very loud CM Punk chants that never really died down throughout the match. When Eva made her entrance it was more tumbleweeds than anything else – people just didn’t care, not even enough to give her the “we legit hate you” heat she got at NXT.

The match went maybe a minute, max 90 seconds before Paige could interfere. In that time, very little happened – Eva barely got in any offense, AJ hit her spinning kick to the face, and on one of the slams, she pulled out a big chunk of red weave and waved it around above her head. Crowd loved it, Eva didn’t really know her role enough to try and sell being upset so she just kind of stared.

Paige got a pretty big pop when she came out, and the crowd was hot for her and AJ going at it on the outside. Eva Marie got the victory by count-out, with AJ just getting into the ring after the ref finished counting. Paige hit kind of a sloppy Paigeturner on AJ post-match, which looked like they had some kind of miscommunication (Paige had AJ in position for it for several seconds before hitting it.)

AJ was down for a long period post-match, including after the house lights were dimmed signifying no recording taking place. We were watching carefully to see if she looked injured, but she had two refs right next to her and neither threw up the X symbol. She walked to the back pretty quickly with her arm around of them, so assuming it was just her doing a great job of selling.

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