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SmackDown Spoilers: June 20th, 2014

Below are spoilers for this Friday’s edition of SmackDown:

* In a backstage segment, Summer Rae approached Fandango and after some idle chatter they shared a long kiss. Layla emerged from the dressing room behind Fandango to catch the end of the kiss. She started to cry.

* Bo Dallas defeated Fandango via a Bo-Dog in under 2:00. The “match” wasn’t even that long. Layla was conspicuous by her absence during Fandango’s entrance. Once Fandango was in the ring, Summer Rae ran down into the ring and tried to dance with Fandango. She blew him a kiss as Fandango ushered her away. Layla then attacked Summer from behind and a cat fight broke out. Fandango tried to break it up, but he got slapped in the process. Bo helped him to his feet and then hit a Bo-Dog for the win.


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