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SmackDown Spoilers: March 26th, 2015

Below are spoilers for this Thursday’s edition of SmackDown:

* AJ Lee came out for a promo. She explained her love for the Diva’s Championship and said Paige loved it too. AJ said the Bella Twins used that love to turn them against each other. AJ invited Paige to fight with her at WrestleMania. Paige entered and discussed beating AJ a year ago. Paige and AJ talked about how hard it will be to fight the Bella Twins. Paige is upset about AJ being away for months.

They’re finding common ground together in their mutual hatred of losing. They almost shook hands, but the Bella’s music played. Enter the Bella Twins. Nikki Bella and Brie Bella discussed that they’re sisters. Brie explained that she has forgiven Nikki and will always forgive her. Because they’re sisters, you know? Nikki said Brock Lesnar worked more days than AJ last year (sweet burn).

Nikki said all the women in the locker room want to be Bella’s. AJ said they’re D-list failed actresses. Paige said they prefer to be the freaks, geeks, weirdos, misfits, and oddballs. Paige said they’re not afraid to be themselves. AJ said they’re what real women look like and at WrestleMania they’re going to kick some ass. Nikki said real women fight, then said they’d see “you bitches” at WrestleMania.


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