Friday, December 8, 2023

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SmackDown!: The Award Goes To…

Maryse for Best Comedic Performance! Oh Jesus, if you haven’t had a good old laugh in quite a while… this will certainly do it for you! Remember this video from a few weeks ago, when Cherry slapped Maryse and she had a violent fit? Well turns out that Maryse’s wild (over)reactions aren’t just triggered when she is attacked… they happen when she is the one on the offensive too. Case in point, last night’s SmackDown! match. It was Cherry, Jesse & Festus taking on Maryse, Deuce & Domino. Skip to the 7:50 mark to see Maryse going all Exorcist on us (again!):

Oh and if that didn’t have you laughing your head off, skip to the end for a replay at normal speed as well as in slow motion!!!

Now onto my thoughts: Though the Divas only got a little ring time, both Maryse and Cherry seemed really competent in the ring. They have had a handful of televised matches between them and already, are miles ahead of the irksome Ashley. On the whole, I was really underwhelmed with SmackDown! to be honest, sure these two put on a decent effort but three minutes of Diva action on the whole show is not good! I cannot believe that Michelle and Natalya got shafted off the show completely, what are the writers smoking?! They are the ones that have built up Michelle as SmackDown!’s top Diva, they are the ones who have booked Natalya so dominantly… yet they are left off the show altogether?

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